UWSP’s strategic plan set in motion

UWSP has created a plan that will guide its mission, vision, values and goals for the future.

The university’s strategic plan was created under the direction of Chancellor Bernie Patterson, with the input of a Strategic Planning Steering Committee and more than 200 UWSP students, staff and faculty members who worked on task forces to develop strategic themes, goals and action steps.

Work on the plan began in the fall of 2010 and was completed in May 2011. The following plan includes four areas in which UWSP will focus, with each carrying initiatives on which the action steps are based:

Advance Learning

o   Create a culture of student success

o   Increase opportunities for learning

o   Cultivate an inclusive and ecologically responsible world view among all constituents

Enhance Living

o   Create and enhance an environment for all that is conducive to learning and individual development

o   Provide a campus culture that encourages engagement, responsibility, respect and inclusivity

o   Develop sustainable relationships between the university and its partners-local, state, regional, national and global

Develop and Leverage Resources

o   Facilitate and encourage access to university resources through development of long-term partnerships

o   Make the most effective use of human and physical resources

o   Evaluate university operations, policies and culture to encourage and support collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship

Respect and Advance our Legacy

o   Engage and expand our community through outreach and collaboration

o   Honor and perpetuate our institutional story

For more on the strategic plan, including the action steps that follow these four areas and initiatives, go to

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