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Travis Vanderloop, '12, sports
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 Doug Moore, MS '89
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UWSP Alumni Board of Directors

Some of the members of the Alumni Board of Directors, Student Alumni Association and the Distinguished Alumni Council met during Homecoming weekend, Oct. 7-9, 2011.

President, Ray Oswald, '97, Milwaukee
President Elect, Cindy Polzin, '01, Madison
Vice President, Grant Winslow, '89, DePere
Past President, Mary Wescott, '75, Stevens Point
Member at Large, Tamara Butts Moore, '92, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Member at Large, vacant
Jenny Baeseman, '98, Troms, Norway
Erich Bacher, '92, Denver, Colo.
Bruce Bay, '65, St. Louis, Mo.
Jamie Beckland, ’00, Portland, Ore.
Laurice Biemeret-Freeman, '05, Fond Du Lac
Nicholas Bolz, ’01, Appleton
Patrick Braatz, '84, Beaverton, Ore.
David Bruha, '82, Wisconsin Rapids
Jean Ann Day, '92, Stevens Point
Tom Girolamo, '82, Mosinee
Peter Graening, ’04, Chicago, Ill.
Jon Greendeer, '04, Stevens Point
Melissa Hardin, '87, Madison
Derylee Hecimovich, '81, Palmer, Alaska
Betty Jenkins, '63, Stevens Point
John Jokela, '89, Schofield
Tom Klismith, '80, Plover
Michael Kornmann, '90, Webster
Carol Lagerquist, '66, Green Bay
Shannon Loecher, '93, Minneapolis, Minn.
Joanne Loeffler, '88, Seymour
David Marie, '81, Plover
Mary Ann Nigbor, '67, Stevens Point
Patty Noel, '70, Stevens Point
Kevin Parham, '91, Kenosha
Alexa Priddy, ’02, Denver, Colo.
Ed Richmond, '93, Stevens Point
Patricia Weiland, ’81, Los Angeles, Calif.
Steve Zywicki, '98, Green Bay
Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) Representative, Erin Kennedy, '11

Emeritus Alumni Association Board members: (*deceased)

Harvin Abrahamson, '48; *Allen Barrows, '48; *Reuben Belongia, '40; Judith Carlson, '63; Penny Copps, '68; *Lewis Drobnick, '40; Lorraine Dudley, '36; Karen Engelhard, '59; *Marion Fey, '25; Mary Hermanson, '77; William Horvath, '62; Raymond Hutchinson, '71; Janet Jensen, '44; Rose Koth, '45; Kenneth Kulick, '52; Diane Loeser, '86; Bruce Menzel, '51; Sheila Miech, '78; James Neale, '48; *Clarence Novitzke, '50; Patricia Okray, '54; Robert Piekenbrock, '86; *Chet Polka, '52; *Scott Schultz, '72; Doris See, '48; David Sharer, '60; Robert Spoerl, '82; Frederick Stemmeier, '84; *John Taylor, '41; *Richard Toser, '53; *Donald Vaughn, '38; *Donald Walker, '43; *Donald Wendorf, '66.