Jordan Giordana's success story
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What made you come to UW-Stevens Point besides basketball? Why did you choose this school UW-Stevens Point?
I kind of always knew I wanted to go to UWSP growing up as a kid. My parents have always said good things about this place so I just started feeling very comfortable with picturing myself coming here. Also my dad would bring me to plenty of Point basketball and football games growing up as a kid and I just started to really like the community and the campus as well as the great sports fans that support the athletics programs. UWSP is also just over an hour drive away from Kaukauna so it is far enough away from home but it also is close enough to go home when I want to see my family.
What kind of role models have your parents been during your athletic and academic career and did they have an influence on your choice of school?
No my parents really didn't have a big influence on my school choice. Like I said in the previous question, I would come to Point with my dad to watch the sporting events but other than that they really wanted me to make the choice for myself. They wanted me to visit as many schools as possible to make sure I would choose the right school. 
My parents have been great role models for me in my athletic and academic career. They always emphasized that if I wanted to succeed then I would have to put in the work on the court and in the classroom. They are a big reason that I have been able to maintain a high GPA. It is also very nice to have a supporting family that has my back in everything that I do.
Why did your parents choose to come to UW-Stevens Point?
Well my dad decided to come to UWSP because he also liked the location from Kaukauna. Also he wanted to play both football and basketball and Point let him do that until he decided to just stick with football after his freshman year. My mom decided to come to UWSP because she felt very comfortable when she visited here on her visit. She really thought the health and PE department was very personable and it made her feel right at home.
What have you enjoyed most about your college experience on and off of the court?
Well my favorite thing is just all of the people that I have met and the friendships that I have made with my teammates as well as other students. All of the students are just very friendly around campus and this really made me feel comfortable coming in as a freshman. Also my favorite experience on the court is winning the national championship in 2010. The whole experience of going to Salem, Virginia is something that I will never forget.
If you could leave one sentence for the generations of Pointers behind you, what would you say?
Just have fun! These are the greatest years of your life so don't waste a minute of it because it goes by way too fast!
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