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Welcome Parents!

As parents of Pointers here at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, you may have many questions concerning your student's academic status. In the Academic and Career Advising Center, we are dedicated to working with undeclared students and guiding them through the process of finding the right major and career path for them. We hope that the information and resources you find here will answer some or your questions and/or concerns.

How we work with students:

The ACAC staff, including with Peer Advisors, are dedicated to helping students achieve academic success. While in the ACAC office, students work with Peer Advisors, who guide students through the registration process and the many campus resources offered to them.  Professional advisors met individually with students at least once a semester to discuss transitioning to college, major and career goals, and courses for future terms.

ACAC has developed a Three Semester Plan to help students successfully explore their options and declare a major by their third semester. Here is a quick overview of the three semester plan:


GOAL: Adjust to college and increase academic and career awareness
  • Students are introduced to campus offices and resources
  • Students learn how to prepare for and when to register
  • Students are encouraged to join a club and get involved in the school community


GOAL: Explore possible academic/career choices
  • Career Exploration tools are introduced and students are encouraged to start exploring their interests
  • Job & Career Fairs, volunteer opportunities, and study abroad options are encouraged


GOAL: Make and/or confirm a major decision
  • Students are encouraged to job shadow and conduct information interviews in their fields of interest
  • Declare a major by the end of their third semester.

Click here for a more in-depth version of the Three Semester Plan

Meet the staff: Professional Staff & Peer Advisors.


Resources & Offices:

Here are some resources and offices for students here at UWSP.

  • Career Advising Services: The ACAC also provides students with resrouces to help them with career and life planning.

  • Tutoring-Learning Center: The TLC provides students with academic support and access to subject tutoring such as mathematics, science, writing, and much more.

  • Disablity & Assistive Technology Center: For students with disabilities, the Disability and Assitive Technology Center provides equal access and accomodation appropriate to their disability.

  • Counseling Center: Being a student, especially an undeclared one, can be stressful. The Counseling Center is staffed with licensed mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping students navigate through difficult circumstances or resolve personal problems.

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