Current Students

Students who are currently undeclared

It is OK to be undeclared! You are not alone. We are here to help. We know that being undeclared can be a stressful time, but know that with a little work on your part and some assistance from a ACAC advisor, you will find that there is a major for you!   

Students who are considering a major change 

Many students who declare a major will change it at some point.  Last academic year, ACAC advisors assisted nearly 350 students who either changed their major to undeclared or who came in to our office to talk about that possibility.  ACAC advisors are able to meet with students who need and/or want to explore other programs on campus.   

Students who are interested in an Associate's Degree from UWSP

ACAC advisors are the official advisors for students pursuing the UWSP AD.