Demetrius Walker
Admissions Counselor
Works with students from Illinois, Michigan and northern Wisconsin.

Beloit Memorial High School, Beloit, Wis.
B.S. in Communication
Demetrius Walker
I consider myself an aspiring guitarist because I know about eight or nine chords, but I am still crafting my skills and will improve those skills little by little.

A new Pointer should…learn how to prioritize their time because face it, we all get 24 hours with each day, eight of them are spent sleeping, so what are we going to do with the rest of that time? We have 16 hours to work with after sleeping so I would challenge every Pointer to prioritize what they’d do with those 16 hours.

I once performed a duo spoken word poem in front of almost 2,000 people.  I have also been in an airplane over the Pacific Ocean for 15 hours on my way to Australia.  Ask me about those adventures!

I am not naïve in thinking that tomorrow is promised, so I choose to make today count and let tomorrow happen, when it happens. I am also inspired by older and wiser people that are in my life.