Chris Brundidge
Communications Manager
Works with students from east central Wisconsin and the Chicago, Illinois, region.

Graduated from Lane Technical College Prep High School, Chicago, Ill.
B.S. in Communication
Chris Brundidge
I left a portion of my heart with my friends and family in inner-city Chicago. I am very fortunate to have been so welcomed by Stevens Point; it has become my second home.

A new Pointer should be open-minded and try something different for a change. There are so many ways to become involved, and so many people that you can learn from. Who knows, you may discover one of your favorite hobbies like I did. Since attending school as a Pointer, I discovered slacklining by embracing new relationships right away in the residence halls. It was a struggle at first, but now all I need is two trees and some sunshine and I can jump and walk my worries away.

It has been said that I have a Cubs hat for every outfit in my wardrobe. I would estimate that that is fairly accurate as I have quite the collection of hats for my favorite hometown baseball team. From black and lime green to camouflage; it is a wonder as to why I have yet to buy the original blue and red hat.

I consider myself a people person. As an interpersonal/organizational communication major and sociology minor, I absolutely loved learning about how we come from different walks of life.  Do not be shocked if you see me desperately trying to find common ground with others as soon as I meet them!

I am inspired by the journey of every student. As we all have a trail to blaze, I have learned to appreciate the entire range of diversity that students bring to the table. There are very few things more rewarding than being a part of the process of a student striving to find their bliss.