Early College Credit Program - FAQ

What is the Early College Credit Program?

The Early College Credit Program (ECCP) is an opportunity for Wisconsin public and private high school students to take one or more courses for high school and college credit at a UW System institution, a Wisconsin technical college, or one of the state's participating private or tribally-controlled colleges during the fall, spring, or summer semesters.

Under ECCP, the costs of the courses are shared among the school district or private school, the state, and in some cases the student's family.

How does a student participate in these programs?

Students interested in participating in these programs should talk with their high school guidance counselor and the appropriate staff at the postsecondary institution to select an appropriate course (or courses).  More information about the Early College Credit Program can be found on the WI DPI website. Students must notify the school board of their intent to participate in the program by completing the Early College Credit Program Application and submitting it by March 1 for the fall semester, and October 1 for the spring semester. Students must submit an ECCP application form to UWSP in the previous school semester.

After I send in the application, how soon will I hear from UW-Stevens Point?

Once a student's application is complete (application, high school transcripts, and ACT score report), UWSP will review the information and send a letter to the student and the high school within several weeks.  If Advanced Placement (AP) courses fulfill a prerequisite for a course, scores will also be required upon completion of the application. If accepted, this letter will indicate which courses are offered and approved for the semester. The letter will also include information about the registration session that all first-time ECCP students are required to attend.

Are there limits to the number of classes I can take?

Yes – 18 credits. Students should contact their school counselor, since it's up to the district policy. There are no annual or semester limits but the maximum number of credits you can take as a participant in the ECCP program is 18 college credits. Note that classes are typically worth more credits at UWSP than in high schools.

How much will this cost?

See the Early College Credit Program Overview (2017 Wisconsin Act 59)

Do I need to do anything before I attend my ECCP course?

Yes - you will need to attend an orientation session if you have not previously taken ECCP (previously Youth/Course Options) courses. Information about this session will be included in your approval letter.

How do I find out more information about high school courses running through CESA (distant education), Dual or Concurrent enrollment (college courses held at the high school)? 

Please contact your high school counselor for more information and registration for these type of classes.

Do I need to do anything before I register?

Yes - you will need to attend a registration information session. There will be information about this session in your acceptance letter.

When will I register for my class(es)?

ECCP students will register AFTER incoming freshman and transfer students.  For the fall semester, this will be in August; for the spring semester, this will be in January.

How much will my textbooks and supplemental course materials cost?

Since textbooks are included with tuition, the cost is $0. Supplemental course materials (lab manuals, novels, etc.) can be added to our student bill during check-out at the University Store.

Are there other fees I will need to pay?

No, you will not need to pay any additional fees. Additional fees are covered by the school or put on the student's third party pay. 

Who can I contact for more information about ECCP?

If you have questions about ECCP please contact:
Angela Schmidt aschmidt@uwsp.edu