Secondary / K-12 Education Transfer Guide

Note:  It is important that the student check the UWSP list of teaching majors and minors available at the School of Education website in the "student handbook" section.

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UWSP's Professional Education Program is transitioning to a new curriculum for all teacher education programs.  If you are transferring to UWSP in Spring 2013 or later, please contact the School of Education,, for updated requirements.  Updated transfer guides will be added to the Transfer Information System when requirements are finalized (late Fall 2012).

Admission to UW-Stevens Point

  • Application Procedure

To apply to UW-Stevens Point as a transfer student, complete the UW System admission application form.  You may apply online at or by submitting a paper application to:  

UW-Stevens Point Office of Admissions
Student Services Building
UW-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Paper applications can be obtained through UW Colleges Student Services Offices and the UWSP Admissions Office, or downloaded at

Request that your official transcripts be forwarded directly to the UWSP Admissions Office from both your high school and any colleges or universities you have attended.

While there is no deadline for applying to the University, early application is recommended because UW System enrollment management efforts may require us to limit our enrollment.

  • General Admission Requirements to the University

Students from the UW Colleges who will have earned 54 or more credits by the time they transfer to UWSP are eligible for admission with a grade point average of 2.00 or higher. If you will have earned fewer than 54 transfer credits by the time you transfer, you will need to meet the admission requirements in effect at the time your application file is complete.

Please note that admission to the University does not guarantee admission to the Professional Education Program.

  • When Should You Transfer?

UW Colleges students interested in Secondary/K-12 Education at UWSP should consult with their UWSP advisors in the School of Education and the department of their major to determine the appropriate time to transfer. Students may be able to remain at the UW Colleges and earn an Associate Degree prior to transferring. Secondary/K-12 students must have certain coursework in the major/minor completed to apply to the Professional Education Program, and should consult with the department of their major/minor on this issue.

Admission to the Professional Education Program

Students with majors in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education must be admitted to this Program to register for upper-level Early Childhood, Education, and Teaching Methods courses.
Formal application to the Professional Education Program must be made. Deadlines are September 22 and February 22. Applications will be accepted up to the deadline. Late applications will be processed during the subsequent application period. Only students who meet all criteria listed below are eligible to apply. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline to apply will be the Friday prior to the deadline.
Applications and questionnaires are available in the School of Education (SOE) Advising, Recruitment and Retention Office, Room 469 College of Professional Studies or at the UWSP School of Education website. Unofficial copies of transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions must be attached to the application, along with the completed questionnaire and letter proving admission to UWSP if not currently enrolled at UWSP.

Minimum Requirements
To apply for admission to the Professional Education Program, all requirements must be met, and passing scores submitted to the SOE Undergraduate Advising Office no later than the deadline.
Requirements may change at any time.
  • Requirements to apply to the Professional Education Program are changing after the February 22, 2012 application deadline.

  • Please visit our website for CURRENT requirements and for the NEW requirements,

  • If you plan to apply to the Professional Education Program after February 22, 2012, these new requirements allow some majors to apply earlier to the Program. Due to these new rules, we make the following recommendations:

    • Take the Praxis I Reading, Writing and Math test the spring of your FRESHMAN year. For students who have already completed 12 or more college credits or AP credits prior to starting college, we recommend taking this test the summer PRIOR to their freshman year.
    • Take Communication 101 OR Education 205 OR the transfer equivalent at your campus, during your FRESHMAN year. Once of these must be completed PRIOR to applying to the Program.

    • Check out the new requirements now. Transfer students are invited to apply to the Program PRIOR to attending UWSP, if all requirements are met by the appropriate deadline.

    • Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education majors are urged to apply as soon as they have completed 24 credits.

  • Enrollment caps are in effect for the Early Childhood, Elementary Education and Special Education majors. For the February 2012 deadline, students are ranked using the following criteria: 1/3-Overall GPA, 1/3-Pre-Professional Interview, 1/6-Listening Test, 1/6-PPST. . After the February 2012 deadline, students will be ranked using the following criteria: 40%-Overall GPA, 40%-Pre-Professional Interview, 20%-Praxis I.

  • For additional information on all enrollment cap policies, please visit our website at

Exit Exam

All students applying for a teaching license will be required to pass the appropriate state mandated Praxis II exam(s) and/or ACTFL Oral and Written Proficiency exams (ACTFL is required for French, German and Spanish teaching majors and minors) at least one semester prior to applying to student teach and submit an acceptable web-based portfolio on the Ten Wisconsin Teaching Standards during the student teaching semester. More information on these requirements can be found in the "student handbook" section of the School of Education website,



UW-Stevens Point General Degree Requirements

  • "P" in front of a course number indicates that student must be accepted into the Professional Education Program in order to enroll in the course. 

  • The following courses meet Department of Public Instruction requirements that can be fulfilled within your General Degree Requirements.
  1. Natural Science
    (Students registered at UWSP during the 1990-91 academic year and who completed 30 credits or more by June 1, 19991, and those receiving a 4-year baccalaureate degree prior to July 1, 1992, are exempt from these specific Natural Science requirements.) Choose one from each area:
UW-Stevens Point Requirement UW Colleges Equivalent
Physical Science: Any non-biological science Any course that transfers as a Natural Science that is not a biological science
Life Science: Any biology Any course that transfers as a Natural Science that is a biological science


  1. History (courses in parentheses are course numbers prior to Fall 2008)
UW-Stevens Point Requirement UW Colleges Equivalent
History 177 (212) - 3 credits History 102
Select one (3 credits): History 176 (211), 285 (385*), 288 (130*), 292 MNS (382*), 393 (388*) 
(Hist 120* and 379* are no longer offered)
(*does not meet the History GDR requirements for other majors.)
History 101, 278 (MNS)


  1. Humanities
    (Students registered at UWSP during the 1990-91 academic year and who completed 30 credits or more by June 1, 19991, and those receiving a 4-year baccalaureate degree prior to July 1, 1992, are exempt from these specific Humanities requirements.)
UW-Stevens Point Requirement UW Colleges Equivalent
One Fine Arts course (any Humanity area 1 OR art, dance, drama, music or theatre course) Any course that transfers to UWSP as a HUM1 OR art, dance, drama, music, or theatre course
One literature course (any Humanity area 2) Any course that transfers to UWSP as a HUM2


  1. Social Science
UW-Stevens Point Requirement UW Colleges Equivalent
Economics 110 (Principles of Economics) - 3 credits OR Economics 272 (Personal Finance) - required for ALL social science majors and minors only Economics 203
 Political Science 101 (required for all majors) AND Political Science 242 (required for all Social Science majors and minors only - offered Spring) Political Science 104 AND 105
Psychology 110 - 3 credits (Pre-req. for Educ 381) Psychology 201 or 202


  1. Environmental Literacy
UW-Stevens Point Requirement UW Colleges Equivalent
"P" - Natural Resources 370 - 3 credits (required for ALL social science and science majors and minors only, except psychology majors if you will not be certified in any other social science or science field) Geography 350* or Biology 103* or 107* (student must also take Natural Resources 310 - one credit at UWSP during the month of May)


Additional Secondary Certification Requirements

UW-Stevens Point Requirement UW Colleges Equivalent
  • Teaching major
(NOTE: It is important that the student begin work on the major requirements immediately. Most majors require completion of specific courses in the major, or that a specific amount of credits be completed in the major PRIOR to applying to the Professional Education Program. (Some students attend both universities at the same time to help them accomplish this goal and still allow them to attend the 2-year college longer. These students work with both Financial Aid Offices on a "consortium agreement.") The student should work directly with the UWSP department of the major to learn more about:

a) requirements of the major
b) enrollment cap policy for their major, and 
c) requirements that must be completed prior to applying for the program.)

See department of major
  • Education 205 - 2 credits
EDU 220 - if taken Fall 2009 or later
  • "P" - Education 351 - 3 credits - BLOCK I
Education 300
  • "P" - Education 381 - 3 credits - BLOCK I
    Note: It is highly recommended that you transfer both Education 300 and 330 for ease of scheduling once you transfer.
Education 230 (For full credit, must also take Educ 370 at UWSP with subtitle, Transforming Conflict - 1 cr)
  • "P" - Education 385 - 3 credits - summer and winterim only ( not required of FCE, music, and Phys. Ed. majors)
  • "P" - Education 386 - 3 credits - (or English 381 - English majors only)
  • "P" - Education 390W - 3 credits (or English 355 & 356 - English majors only) (Family and Consumer Education, Music, and Phys Ed majors are exempt from Education 390)
  • "P" - Education 398 - Student Teaching - 12-16 credits
  • "P" - Education 400 - Seminar on Teaching - 1 credit ( taken during student teaching semester)
  • "P" - Education 331 - 3 credits - BLOCK I OR Department equivalent:  Communication, Computer Science, Family and Consumer Education, Math, Music, and Phys Ed majors
  • "P" - Teaching Methods in Major - 2-3 credits
  • "P" - Teaching Methods in Minor - 2-3 credits
("P" - Education 337 - Techniques in Secondary Education-Science (3 credits) and "P" - Education 339 - Techniques in Secondary Education-Social Studies (3 credits) - both Educ 337 and 339 offered Fall only.)


  • Complete a UWSP teaching major at the minimum; Four-year baccalaureate degree
  • Document 100 clock hours of pre-student teaching experience working with children and youth, of which 50 hours are involved with designated social, cultural, and language groups. Requirements in courses listed above will meet this mandate.
  • Educ 370, Subtitle: Transforming Conflict - 1 credit (required for all students who have taken Educ 381 at another institution OR have taken Educ 381 at UWSP prior to Fall 1995.) Call 715-346-3801 to be put on the mailing list for this course.
  • A 2.75 GPA is required in the major, minor, concentration, education course work and overall to student teach or be licensed.

For more information, see the School of Education Web page or contact the School of Education Undergraduate Advising Office at (715) 346-2040.

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