Personnel & Budget

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Jore serves as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel, Budget and Grants is the chief assistant to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in support of personnel, budget and grants. Dr. Jore’s major responsibilities include providing leadership to and assuring compliance by academic department and administrative units on matters relating to personnel policies, public records, open meetings, and other topics that relate to personnel management and review. In addition to this, Dr. Jore provides general oversight of the Academic Affairs budget and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Likewise, Dr. Jore serves as a resource for faculty, academic staff, and mediation committees on personnel issues associated with faculty and academic staff. This includes issues surrounding hiring policies, appointment types, and retention, tenure, and promotion.



As part of the University of Wisconsin System, the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point is a public university. As with most public universities, UW-Stevens Point’s budget is governed by a variety of state laws and statutes, as well as other system-wide policies. More detailed information can be found on our Budget page.
For assistance with these and other issues, please contact:

Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel, Budget and Grants
Phone: 715-346-3710