Checklists & Forms

In an effort to streamline processes for annual/supplemental reviews, retention, promotion, tenure, and indefinite status, we have created fillable PDF checklists to help in this process. This is not a change in policy and procedure as the required documents remain the same. Rather, these are meant to assist everyone in the submission processes. The checklists will help to answer frequently asked questions, ensure consistency, and ensure all required documents are forwarded to the Academic Affairs Office.

Effective with the 2011-12 academic year: These checklists are required to accompany the following information submitted to Academic Affairs.

For annual/performance review documents and supplemental review instructions, please refer to the Human Resources and Affirmative Action website.

Academic Affairs Calendar 2019-20.pdfAcademic Affairs Calendar 2019-20
Academic Affairs Calendar 2020-21.pdfAcademic Affairs Calendar 2020-21
Faculty RetentionPromoTenure Checklistfill.pdfFaculty RetentionPromoTenure Checklistfill
Instructional Acad Staff Promotion Checklist.pdfInstructional Acad Staff Promotion Checklist
Overload guidelines UWSP - updated.docxOverload guidelines UWSP - updated
Probationary Academic Staff Retention or Indefinite Checklist.pdfProbationary Academic Staff Retention or Indefinite Checklist
Promotion Schedule for Academic Staff 2019-20.pdfPromotion Schedule for Academic Staff 2019-20