​Interim Assessment Reports

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the Assessment Subcommittee outlined a year-long process to assure that we fulfill the requirements set out by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for our mandated January 2015 Progress Report. Specifically, each academic department is required to submit an “Interim Assessment Report” that focuses on a direct measure of student learning for at least one Program Learning Outcome.

To support departments during this process, two assessment workshops were offered that focused on choosing (or developing) a direct measure of student learning and how to present, analyze, and interpret evidence of student learning

These workshops (offered on October 25 and April 11), were facilitated by Dr. Paula DeHart, School of Education and our campus-wide Assessment Coordinator. Paula will assist departments in writing their “Interim Assessment Report” which is required to be submitted to the Assessment Subcommittee by June 15, 2014.

In addition to fulfilling the January 2015 Progress Report requirement, departments will also be aided in identifying direct assessment measures that are meaningful and fulfill the aims of their existing five-year assessment plan. Department chairs, departmental assessment committee members, and instructors responsible for collecting assessment evidence were especially encouraged to attend one of these workshops.

Alternatively, if an entire department is interested in scheduling its own workshop with Paula, you can contact Paula directly (Paula.DeHart@uwsp.edu) and set up a day and time that works for you and your colleagues.

Workshop Slides:

Report Template:

To assist each department complete the required "Interim Assessment Report" a template has been created and can be downloaded here:


Below is a complete example of the Interim Assessment Report (provided by our colleagues in the School of Education):


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either Michael Estanich (Michael.Estanich@uwsp.edu) or Paula DeHart (Paula.DeHart@uwsp.edu).