Ryan O'Leary



​Dr. O’Leary specializes in philosophical theology and questions of religion and culture. The focus of his current research involves asking about what traditional religious symbols can communicate to ecological thought and about issues of civil religion and political discourse.


  • "Could Wisconsin's State Parks Really be Self-Supporting?" Silent Sports Magazine (December 2017)

  • "Reading Muir from Kayak and Trail," Silent Sports Magazine (September 2016)

  • "From Anglo-Saxon Nativism to Executive Order: Civil Religion and Anti-Immigration Rhetoric," Politics and Religion Volume 9, Issue 3 (Summer 2016)

  • "The genesis of kinship: A review of William Greenway and Amanda Beckenstein Mbuvi," The Christian Century Volume 133, No. 11 (May 25, 2016)

  • "Being and Gaia: Seeking Resources toward a Vocabulary for Naturalistic Theology," Bulletin of the North American Paul Tillich Society Volume 38, Issue 1 (Winter 2012)

  • "The Irony of the Secular: Violent Communication at the Limits of Tolerance," Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace Volume 2, Issue 2 (Spring 2010)


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies, University of Iowa, 2012
  • Master of Arts in Religion, Syracuse University, 2005
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, 2003