First Year Housing Incentive

Incoming Fall 2020 University Honors Program students are invited to apply for the Honors Ambassador Program through Residential Living during their first year on campus. Students who are selected for the program will earn an $1100 discount on their housing costs per semester, provided they meet the requirements of the Honors Program and work the required hours within the residence halls.

Program Guidelines:

Honors Ambassadors are student leaders who develop activities and promote campus resources to help their fellow students within their residence halls. Honors Ambassadors are required to take a one-credit course in the Fall and Spring semesters of their first year. In addition to this course, Honors Ambassadors are required to spend four hours per week working with fellow students in their dorms.

Honors students selected to join the Ambassadors program will develop their leadership skills, learn about a wide range of campus academic and social support services, and work on initiatives such as:

  • collaborating with fellow Honors Ambassadors to create content for pertinent, relevant educational discussion topics (guidance will be provided by the University Honors Program and Residential Living);
  • facilitating meaningful dialogue on those topics among peers in the residential community; and
  • providing appropriate avenues for further exploring or processing those topics.

Essay Application

Approximately 25 positions are available for this program. Offers will be made based upon an essay application responding to the following question: In a maximum of 250 words, please describe how you have served as a peer educator in the past, and how that experience might assist you in successfully fulfilling the responsibilities of the Honors Ambassador position. Essays should include the applicant’s name and be submitted in PDF format to for consideration. Deadline is April 20, 2020.

Award recipients will be notified via email.