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Current Students

2018-19 Student Parking Permits - $200.00

Space for Parking on campus is limited. All motorists who wish to park vehicles in campus lots must purchase a permit or pay at a meter or pay station. Parking is not free anywhere on campus. Permit serves as permission to park and does not guarantee a space. The university is not responsible for any damage to a vehicle operated or parked on campus. Parking is prohibited in yellow and white curb zones, fire zones, no parking areas, bus zone, crosswalks, driveways, sidewalks, near fire hydrants and/or dumpster and other areas noted with signage. 

While there usually is a parking space available on campus, note that it may not be in the immediate vicinity of your intended destination. Plan to arrive early and allow enough time to walk to your classess, work, meetings, events, etc. If all of the student parking lots are full, please notify Parking Services Office (715-346-3900) for an alternate parking location. Permits are not valid at meters or pay stations without payment. Possession of a permit is not a valid excuse to park in an unauthorized area.

Student permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, until the permit sales maximum is reached. Permit sales priority for next academic year is typically offered to current students in April or May each year. New students can purchase a parking permit after orientation and enrollment. Vehicles with a current UWSP STUDENT parking hangtag displayed from vehicle rearview mirror are valid in all of the STUDENT parking lots:

Lot J - Maria Drive, east of the Waste Education Center
Lot P - Isadore Street, west of Debot Center
Lot Q - Michigan & Illinois Avenue, (DAY PARKING ONLY section, CLOSED 12am-6am, in S/W corner)
Lot W - Clark Street, easy of Hyer, (lot partitioned for student & staff parking)

Lot Q - DAY PARKING ONLY section: The south/west corner of Lot Q is a DAY PARKING ONLY area and is closed 12am-6am. Student resident long term parking is available in all other non-reserved areas in Lot Q. Watch for signs.

Student parking lots are open when classes are not in session. (Check the academic calendar for course information.)

Motorcycle Stalls: Permit required and can be purchased the Parking Office only (not available online). Motorcycle stalls are OPEN April 1st through November 1st.

Snow Removal Areas: Campus parking lot Snow Removal Stalls are enforced from November 1st through April 1st whether snow accumulates or not. Any vehicles parked in Snow Removal Stalls in parking lots will be issued citations for "NO PARKING AREA".
Moped 50 cc's and under can park at bicycle racks on campus. Mopeds parked anywhere other than a bike rack will be ticketed.
Commuter Students - Student parking lots are located on the perimeter of campus and not convenient for commuter students looking for close access parking. Lot Q Day Parking Only south/west Section (CLOSED 12 a.m.- 6 a.m.) will provide commuting students with quick access parking needs. In addition to Lot Q-Day Parking Only section, there are three long-term meter lots that are centrally located that offer convenient close parking options; Lot R (west of the DUC), Lot T (Illinois Avenue entrance) and Lot Y (corner of Isadore and Portage Streets) have 12-hour maximum meter parking for $.75 per hour. Other metered lots: F-East, F-West, V and Z offer 4-hour maximum meter parking.
Accessible Campus Parking Permits - Students with a disabled permit from the DOT can purchase a university disabled parking permit upon receipt of a copy of your state issued disabled hangtag or plate. Disabled parking permits issued by Parking Services will allow parking in campus designated "Handicap-Campus Permit Required" stalls, in campus meter stalls without payment, and in any permit stall when the handicap reserved stalls are full.

Student Guest Parking
Guest parking is available in the metered areas on campus or on the city streets during the day, although, meter parking is not available in the overnight timeframe. Overnight student guests can park in Lot Q (except for the DAY PARKING ONLY section) and Lot W from 7pm to 7am without paying Monday-Friday. Daily guest parking permits are available at $5 per day, (cash/check only) in the Parking Services office M-F, 7:45am-4pm if space is available. "After-hours" guest parking is available at 715-346-3900 with voice message notification of the Lot parked in and guest vehicle license plate # AND payment of $5 fee (cash/check only) by noon the next day. Student parking lots are open to park in for free on weekends starting at 7pm on Friday through 6am on Monday (except the Lot Q, DAY PARKING ONLY section that is restricted starting at 12am on Monday).  Please note that effective September 1, 2018 the daily fee will be $6.


New Students