Space for Parking on campus is limited. All motorists who wish to park vehicles in campus lots must purchase a permit or pay at a meter or pay station. A permit serves as permission to park and does not guarantee a space. Permits are not valid at meters or pay stations without payment. Student permits are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, until the permit sales maximum is reached. 

Student parking lots are located on the perimeters of campus and may not be as convenient as preferred. The student permit lots are not close to the academic buildings. The largest student lot is located on the East side of campus, while most residence halls are on the West side of campus. 

Students are able to park at meters on campus or on the streets with proper payment.

New students become eligible to purchase a parking permit 2 business days after orientation and enrollment.

Vehicles with a current UWSP STUDENT J-P-Q parking hang tag displayed from the vehicle's rear view mirror are valid in all of the STUDENT parking lots: 

  • Lot J - Maria Drive, east of the Waste Education Center
  • Lot P - Isadore Street, west of Debot Center
  • Lot Q - Michigan & Illinois Avenue


STUDENT LOT W permits are availalble to accommodate Hyer Hall students, or for students who prefer to park on the South side of Campus.

COMMUTER LOT T OR LOT V - A limited number of commuter parking permits are available for non-resident students with a classification of Junior, Senior or Graduate Student.  The two commuter permits are for lot T Staff or Lot V Staff (North side-adjacent to Lot P, north of the 601 Division Street Building).  There is no overnight parking allowed in these two lots

Student long term parking lots (J-P-Q, W) are open (free) overnight from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and over weekends.

Student lots are open during Spring Break and the days between Christmas and New Years.

Annual 2021-22 Student Permits are currently SOLD OUT.  If you need a permit, you can add yourself to the waitlist and be notified by email when a permit becomes available to you.  

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