​Procedures and Regulations

 Authority, Liability and Jurisdiction

Section A: Authorization for parking regulations, have been approved by the chancellor of the university, Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes and Chapter 18 of the State Administrative Code. Provisions of Chapter 346 of the Wisconsin Statutes relating to vehicular travel upon the highway open to the use of the public are also applicable to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Regulations are in effect the first day of August of each year.

Section B: The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point assumes no responsibility for damage to any vehicle, or its contents, that is operated or parked on the campus.

Section C: City streets that are within the boundaries of the university are under the jurisdiction of the Stevens Point Police Department and all city rules and regulations applying to the city streets will be enforced by the referenced agency.

Section D: Vehicle may be towed at owners expense under the following conditions:
  1. A vehicle is parked in a location that creates a safety hazard.
  2. A vehicle (operator) is a chronic offender who chooses to violate even after being warned.
  3. An operator who displays abusive behavior to staff, faculty or students when being asked to correct an illegal parking situation and still fails to correct the problem.

 Citation Appeals

Citations may be appealed, before the citation due date and after payment. Appeal forms are available from the Parking Services Office. The UWSP Parking Appeals Board, comprised of university faculty, staff and students, reviews appeals. The registered owner is notified of the decision. Appeals should only address parking related circumstances, conditions, where the vehicle was parked, and when the citation was issued. Appeals must provide substantial evidence that the violation in question did not occur or the citation was issued in error.

The following circumstances are not valid for appeal and will not be granted:
     · Failed meter or pay station
     · Failure to display a permit or failure to display disabled placard
     · Lack of funds to pay citation
     · Lack of parking spaces or lack of convenient park spaces
     · Not seeing/reading signs
     · Parking illegally for a short period of time
     · Received parking information that did not come from Parking Services
     · Time constraints (late for meeting/class, meeting/class ran long, etc.)

Section A: Any person may appeal a parking lot assignment or rejection of a special needs request by completing the appropriate appeal form at Parking Services.

Section B: Unless otherwise stated in writing by the Parking Appeals Committee, an appeal granted by the committee shall be valid only for the parking year in which the appeal was requested.

Section C: The Director of Protective Services and Parking Services may, at his/her discretion, review all appeals before they are submitted to the 1st level parking appeals committee. This review may be done during discussions with parking office personnel. Fines may be reduced or appeals approved at this level. Appeals not resolved will be forwarded to the appeal committee.

Appeals Committee

Section A: Membership of the Parking Appeals Committee shall be determined by the following guidelines.
  1. A member of the faculty and a member of academic staff shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of Faculty Senate. One of the members shall be appointed to a term running from Jan 1 to Dec 31 and the other member shall be appointed to a term running from Aug 1 to Jul 31.
  2. The committee shall have two (2) classified staff members. One of the members shall be non-represented and shall be appointed by the director of personnel. The other member shall be a represented employee and shall be appointed by the president of the Wisconsin State Employees Union Local 584. Both members shall serve from Jan 1 to Dec 31.
  3. The president of the Student Government Association shall appoint two (2) student members. One member shall represent off-campus students, while the other will represent resident students. The terms of their office shall be from Aug 1 to Jul 31.
  4. One member shall be appointed by the vice chancellor for business affairs and shall serve a two (2) year term beginning Aug 1 of odd numbered years.
  5. No member of the Parking Appeals Committee may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.
Section B: The Parking Appeals Committee shall establish its own procedural rules within the following guidelines.
  1. The committee shall elect its own chairperson from among its members. The chairperson will have voting privileges.
  2. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the committee except during the period from the last day of the spring semester to the day preceding the first day of classes of the fall semester during which a quorum shall consist of those members present.
  3. Appeals shall be reviewed and decisions made, based on the information provided by the appellant and information provided by Parking Services.
  4. Parking Services will provide staff support to the Appeal Committee.
  5. Decision of the Appeal Committee will be provided to the appellant in writing. Should the appeal be denied the appellant has the right to appeal the decision in writing to the Director of Protective Services and Parking within 10 days of notification of the initial appeal.
  6. All appeals will end with the Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs and his/her decision will be final.
  7. The times and place of the Parking Appeals Committee meetings will be communicated and publicized during the first month of each semester.

 Lot Assignments

Section A: 
Waitlist requestes for parking permits and hangtags can be made beginning in April or May on your Parking Services account online. The Parking Office in accordance with the current parking regulations will make assignment to a specific lot.

Section B: Student Assignments
Student assignments will be made on a first come, first served basis. Permits are available to purchase beginning in May for the following fall semester. Permits purchased prior to late-August will be mailed to student home addresses in mid-August.

Section C: Staff Assignments
Except as noted in Section D and E, all assignments of parking spaces will be made on the basis of permanent employment continuous-seniority-of-service at this university.
To be included in the annual seniority-of-service-at-UWSP lot assignment process, submit your 1st and 2nd choice parking lot options online by August 1st each year. Parking lot requests received after August 1st will be assigned where space is available.

Section D: Special Needs

  1. Applications to obtain permits or hangtags for individuals with “Special Needs” may be obtained at Parking Services.
  2. Three parking spaces in Lot R will be assigned for use by Suzuki patrons. Suzuki permits (hang tags) will be sold to Suzuki participants allowing them parking in the three spaces in Lot R during the day, and unrestricted access after 3 PM to any regular parking stall, except for those in Lot H, the Power Plant area and metered stalls. The Suzuki program will be responsible for all cost associated with the three reserved spaces in Lot R. Permits will be sold at Parking Services.

Section E: Special Assignments and Priorities
  1. The Chancellor shall have an All-Lot permit.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in this section or documented exceptional need warrants it, any person granted eligibility for a multiple lot permit designation by the appeal process shall use the lot assigned on the basis of seniority as their primary parking area.
  3. Parking Services shall annually review the titles listed in numbers 4 through 6 and make necessary changes in titles and assignments.
  4. The following positions shall be eligible for an All-Lot permit: Provost, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching, Learning & Academic Programs, Vice Chancellor University Advancement, Director of Facility Planning & Space Management, Facilities Planning Specialist, Director of Safety & Loss Control, Environmental Health & Safety Officer, Director of Protective Services, Director of Facility Services, Assistant Director of Facility Services, Associate Director of Facility Services and Director of News Services.
  5. Provisions for a three-lot permit. The following shall be eligible for the first choice of lot as their primary parking area and shall also be assigned the two (2) additional lots designated:
    Director of Residential Living (T, R) and Director of Affirmative Action (E, T).
  6. Provision for a two-lot permit.
    • The following positions shall be eligible for a first choice of lot as their primary parking area and shall also be assigned the additional lot as designated: Director of University Center (T), Director of University Dining Services (V), and Catering Manager (V).
  7. Deans and the Chair of Faculty Senate shall have first choice of lot as their primary parking area plus limited Lot A privileges.
  8. Residence Hall Directors, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Economic Development, Dean of University College and Athletics Director shall be eligible for their first choice of lot. (All-Lot not included.)
  9. When space is available, daily and weekly permits are issued by Parking Services upon payment of the appropriate fee.
  10. Special needs not explicitly covered by these regulations will be considered on the basis of written application to Parking Services. Unless otherwise specifically stated in writing by Parking Services, special assignments are valid only for the year in which they are issued.

Section F:
Applications may be filed with the Office of Parking Services for a second-lot permit. Such permits, available to staff and approved by the Appeal Board committee may be purchased as available for $10.00.

Section G:
Retired permits will be issued annually to individuals meeting the following criteria:

  • Retiree is eligible to receive WI Retirement System annuity payments for year of service
  • Retiree is at least 55 years of age
  • Retiree has completed at least 10 years of service at UWSP
  • Retiree retired/separated from UWSP in good standing
  • Retiree is not currently employed by UWSP

The annual RETIRED parking permit process is similar to the non-retired process; WAITLIST sign-up and pick-up permit in the Parking Services office after August 1st each year. Retired staff on the WAITLIST will have their work status verified by HR prior to being awarded a RETIRED permit. The RETIRED hangtag permit is an annual permit intended for "occassional" visits to campus, however, is not meant for LIFE class attendance and/or student work/use. The RETIRED hangtag is valid in most university lots, however, not valid in Lots A, F, G, H, D, Z, meters, fire zones, handicap stalls, reserved stalls and/or limited zones. (Retired faculty/staff returning in "work status" may choose to participate in the annual priority parking assignment process and purchase a permit to park in a campus lot.) Any citations issued to vehicles with your RETIRED hangtag are responsibility of permit holder.

Section H:

The Parking Appeals Committee will consider any appeal of lot assignment. Appeal forms are available from Parking Services.

 Lot Designations

Section A:
Student Lots: J, P, and Q
Student/Staff Lot: W
Staff Lots: A, D, E, F, H, K, R, S, T, V and Z
Metered Lots: F-E, F-W, G, R, V, T, Y and Z

Section B:
A permit is not required to park in campus metered lots. Meter parking is available in the 3 south rows of Lot R just west of the DUC (Dreyfus University Center), east and west of the Health Enhancement Center in Lots F-E, & F-W, Lot G, 10 meters behind Allen Center, 20 meters on the east side of Lot V, Lot T (entrance off of Illinois Avenue) and Lot Z north of the University Center. If a meter is inoperable or defective, please notify Parking Services at 346-3900. Until such time as the meter is repaired, the space is considered “No Parking.” Citations issued for parking at an expired or inoperable meter are non-appealable. Citations may be issued every two hours at meters.

 Lot Regulations

Section A: No group, department or organization except Parking Services, is allowed to use university decals, meter or other revenue producing parking lots to generate income.

Section B: The vice chancellor for business affairs can authorize parking for non-university personnel in any university lot. Requests must be submitted in writing at least seven (7) working days prior to the event.

Section C: Departments, groups and organizations can reserve spaces in decal, meter or other revenue-producing lots. Parking Services will approve such requests based upon availability. Request must be submitted at least fourteen (14) working days prior to the event.

Section D: Parking regulations for all parking lots, except A, E, F, H, R, Q (student section) and the Power Plant area are enforced 2am until 7pm Monday-Friday. Lot F and Lot H (Power Plant) are restricted to permit holders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A, E, & R (except for the meters) has open parking beginning at 5pm rather than 7pm. Lot Q south/west corner section is a student DAY Parking only lot. “No Parking” areas, sidewalks, fire zones, 20-minute zones, grass, disabled stalls and reserved stalls are restricted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  1. After 3pm, staff with decals may park in non-metered areas in any lot except G, H and the Power Plant area.
  2. All staff and students with L-after-2pm hangtags may park in any non-metered lot until 2am.
  3. All university lots & metered areas, except A, E, H, R, T) and the Power Plant area have open parking 7pm until 2am Monday-Friday. A, E, and R (except for the meters) have open parking beginning at 5pm rather than 7pm. Lot Q South/West corner is a DAY PARKING only lot and is closed midnight to 6am, Monday-Friday.
  4. All lots & metered areas, except F, H and Power Plant area, are open on the weekend 7pm Friday until 2am Monday.
  5. When there is open parking in any lot, limited parking areas are enforced.
Section E: Metered areas are closed 2am until 6am and no overnight parking is allowed. Vehicles parked in these areas after 2am and prior to 6am will be issued a citation for parking in a closed area.

Section F: Staff lots A, F, H, K, S, Z and the Power Plant area are restricted to faculty/staff decal holders of those lots for the entire year. Staff lots D, E, & R are open to valid faculty/staff decal holders when school is not in session. All staff lots are restricted to decal holders beginning seven (7) days prior to the first day of classes of the fall semester. All student lots are open when classes are not in session. Due to the confusion caused by interim & winterim classes, call Parking Services or check the Academic Calendar for verification that classes are not in session.

Section G: Permits are valid only for the vehicle to which they are registered and only in the lot assigned. Temporary permits are valid only for the vehicle to which they are registered, in the lot(s) assigned and for the dates specified on the permit. Permit holders using a vehicle other than the one registered, must obtain authorization from Parking Services prior to parking on campus. Hangtags can be used on any vehicle. Any citations written on the hangtag will be the responsibility of the hangtag owner.

 Parking Permits

University parking permits or hangtags are obtained from Parking Services in order to park on campus. Permits or hangtags will be issued to registered students, staff and other personnel who require frequent access to the campus (e.g., service and maintenance personnel). For parking purposes, employees or contractors doing business with the university and located on campus (i.e. Haircraft staff, US Bank employees, etc.) will be considered employees of the university.


Section A: All persons wishing to park any type of motor vehicle, (except mopeds), in any university lot must apply for a parking permit or hangtag. Mopeds can park in the bicycle racks.

Section B: *Annual fees are paid at the time of permit purchase. Fees are based on the following schedule:

  1. Faculty/Staff & Student permits: *yearly $200.00, 2nd semester $120.00, summer $50.00
  2. L-after 2pm evening Faculty/Staff & Student (valid 2pm-2am permit): $130.00
  3. No permit/hangtag is required for metered areas. Metered areas are enforced from 6am to 7pm Monday-Friday. Metered areas are open from 7pm to 2am.
  4. Motorcycle parking spaces are available Apr 1st - Nov 1st in most lots for half the standard permit cost.
  5. The fee for a car pool is the regular permit price.
    All parking fees include Wisconsin State and Portage County sales tax.
Section C: The second semester permit fee is 60% of the annual fee. Fees for summer sessions are 25% of the annual permit fee. *Annual permits can be returned to Parking Services at the end of the first semester for a 40% refund. To obtain a refund, the permit must be returned no later than the end of the second week of classes of the second semester.

Section D: Additional Fee Information
  1. The evening L hangtag (valid 2pm-1am) may be purchased by students or faculty/staff. Only one hangtag will be issued per person. The hangtag can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and may park in any lot (except H, Z, the Power Plant area and metered areas) from 2pm-1am. If the permit is reported stolen or lost, a report must be filed with Parking Services and a fee will be assessed for replacement. Any citation written on the hangtag will be the responsibility of the hangtag owner. A damaged hangtag can be returned for replacement for a fee.
  2. Motorcycle decals are available for half the price of the regular lot fee plus applicable tax. If a second vehicle decal is desired when the primary vehicle is a motorcycle the fee will be the difference in the lot price plus $5.00 including tax. Motorcycles may be parked only in appropriately marked spots that are available Apr 1 - Nov 1 and only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time - including motorcycles.
  3. A daily temporary parking permit for $5.00 and weekly permit for $20.00 may be purchased by staff, student or visitors (when available) from Parking Services.
  4. A single permit/hangtag will be issued for each car pool. A car pool shall consist of at least two people. They will share transportation in a single vehicle to and/or from campus on a regular and consistent basis. The permit/hangtag must be transferred to the vehicle that will be on campus for that day. Only one (1) vehicle of a car pool is authorized on campus at a time. Additional vehicles must be registered with Parking Services. If a car pool permit/hangtag is lost or stolen, a report must be filed with Parking Services. The permit/hangtag will be declared invalid and a replacement issued upon payment of the appropriate fee.
  5. A fee of $20.00 including tax will be charged for all regular replacement decals. If a motor vehicle is sold, Parking Services will generally require that the disabled decal be removed from the vehicle and presented at the time of application for a replacement decal. In any case, the original decal shall be declared INVALID and its use on campus will result in a citation being issued.
Section E: All parking privileges are terminated when students or staff terminate their association with the university. Any refund of parking fees is dependent upon return of the permit/hangtag to Parking Services. For staff on payroll deduction, future deductions will be cancelled upon return of the permit/hangtag to Parking Services. No refund will be issued on previously deducted payments, as they are pre-tax deductions.


Parking Permit Refund Schedule:
Permit returned within the first two weeks of semester - 100% refund
Permit returned in the third & fourth weeks of semester - 50% refund
Permit returned in the fifth week through the end of 1st semester - 40% refund


 Permit Display

Section A: Hangtags must be displayed clearly from the rear view mirror facing the front of the vehicle. Hangtags are valid from the first day of classes of the fall semester for a 12-month period. ALL OLD DECALS MUST BE REMOVED

Section B: Hangtags for staff lots (A, D, E, H, K, R, S, T, V, W and Z) must be displayed on vehicles one (1) week prior to the first day of classes of the fall semester. Hangtags for student lots (J,P,Q, and W) must be displayed on vehicles by the first day of classes of the fall semester. N/W, N/E and S/E corners of Student Lot Q will be open the first five (5) days of classes in both the fall and spring semester. After the fifth day of classes, all vehicles parked in Lot Q must display a valid hangtag.

Section C: All vehicles parked in university lots must be parked in such a manner that the rear bumper area is displayed to the driving lane. Backing into or pulling through parking stalls is not permited unless special arrangements have been made with Parking Services prior to parking the vehicle. Not enforced at this time.

Section D: Your parking hangtag is not transferrable and you are liable for any citations or violations issued to vehicles displaying your hangtag. Your parking hangtag is valid on vehicles registered to you or to your family. Resale or use by anyone other than the purchaser of the permit is prohibited. If your hangtag is lost or stolen a report can be filed with Parking Services office and a replacement can be obtained for a fee.

 Parking Restrictions

Section A: Parking on campus is by permit only, except in metered areas. Only vehicles with a current and properly displayed hangtag permit are authorized to use campus parking lots.

Section B: Parking is not permitted in service drives at any time.

Section C: To accommodate short-term emergency parking needs, vehicle flashers may be used for a period not to exceed 30 minutes in campus lots. This rule does not apply in metered lots. Parking for the purpose of loading/unloading is also permitted in loading zones for a period not to exceed 30 minutes provided that the vehicle’s flashers or headlights are on. The fact that a vehicle’s battery is low or has inoperable flashers does not excuse this requirement. Vehicles that do not have flashers or headlights on will be ticketed. This section applies only to university lots; not city streets.

Section D: Parking spaces designated for disabled parking are to be used only by persons who qualify as described by Wisconsin Statutes Section 343.51. Wisconsin statues provide that a disabled person must provide documentation of the disabling condition to secure a decal or state permit. UWSP posted parking spaces for individuals with disabilities are located in most parking lots and are in close proximity to entrances of university buildings. A campus handicap parking permit is required to park in the handicap (permit required) stalls in most campus lots. There are visitor (no campus permit required) handicap stalls available in the visitor lots. Vehicles with an authorized handicap state placard or license plate are allowed to park in any campus meter stall without payment. 

A university parking permit for persons with disabilities is necessary to park in "Handicap-Permit Required" stalls and regular permit stalls when handicap stalls are filled. A vehicle with a university disabled permit is authorized to park in any regular parking stall when posted areas are filled. Vehicles with a state disabled permit only are authorized to use visitor posted areas or meters without charge. If the posted areas are full, Parking Services can be called at 715-346-3900 to make arrangements for purchase of a temporary permit. To obtain a university disabled decal, the disability must be documented as specified in Wisconsin Statutes, Section 343.51. Unauthorized use of areas posted for disabled parking, meters or university parking lots will result in a citation.

Section E: Operators of university and other state vehicles are required to park in designated spaces and adhere to all parking regulations. Drivers of fleet vehicles will be held personally responsible for any citations issued.

 Revocation of Parking Privileges

The revocation of university parking privileges may be for a period of up to ten (10) months. Revocation may be considered for the following offenses:

  1. Falsification of information when applying for a vehicle decal or permit.
  2. Manufacturing, altering or using an unofficial decal, hangtag, temporary permit or guest permit to obtain service from the university.
  3. The intentional application or use of a decal or temporary permit on a vehicle other than that for which the decal or temporary permit is registered.
  4. Falsification of information to any Parking Appeals Committee.

 Violations and Fines

Section A: The following is a list of violations of these regulations and the amount of fine to be assessed when a citation is issued.

  • BACKWARDS IN STALL-Failure to park with rear bumper exposed to the driving lane - $2.00 suspended
  • IMPROPER/FAIL TO DISPLAY PERMIT-Failure to display decal/permit or hangtag properly - $10.00
  • EXPIRED METER-Parking at an expired meter - $10.00 (NON-APPEALABLE & may be issued every 2 hours)
  • LIMITED ZONE-Parking in “limited” zone - $15.00
  • NO PARKING AREA-Parking in a “No Parking” area, reserved stall, in a driving line, over yellow lines, - $25.00
  • NO VALID PERMIT FOR LOT-Parking in an unassigned lot, no valid campus permit - $25.00
  • MANUFACTURING, SELLING ALTERING - Manufacturing, or altering an official decal, hangtag, temporary permit or guest permit to obtain services -$200.00.
  • MISUSE OF OR SELLING PERMIT - Selling or using a lost/stolen permit or decal, temporary permit or guest permit to obtain service OR intentional sale, application or use of an official decal, or temporary permit on a vehicle other than for which it is intended - $100.00 each for both seller and user.
  • ABUSE OF ADDITIONAL PERMIT - Abuse of additional vehicle permit option - $100.00
  • NO VALID HANDICAP PERMIT DISPLAYED-Parking in an area reserved for individuals with disabilities - $50.00 (NON-APPEALABLE)
  • FIRE ZONE-Parking in a fire zone area - $50.00 (NON-APPEALABLE)

Violations, other than those received for parking at expired or disabled meters, parking in a disabled space or parking in a fire zone, may be appealed within twenty-one (21) days of the date of the citation. Appeal forms may be obtained at Parking Services. 124 George Stien Bldg., 1925 Maria Drive (near the power plant smoke stack). All citations must be paid prior to filing an appeal.

Section B: If fines are not paid within twenty-one (21) days of the issue date, the penalty increases according to the following schedule: 
  $2 increases to $4
$10 increases to $20
$15 increases to $30
$25 increases to $50
$50 increases to $100

Appropriate collection action will be taken to collect unpaid fines. Such action includes, but is not limited to, referral to the Department of Transportation for license renewal suspension and/or withholding of transcripts.

Section C: Rates and fines are subject to annual review.


Section A: Visitors are welcome on campus but are asked to follow all parking rules. Paid visitor parking is available in metered lots in various locations on campus. Meters are enforced 6:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday. They are open from 7:00pm until 2:00am, and closed from 2:00am to 6:00am (NO OVERNIGHT PARKING AT METERS).

Section B: Visitor permits are available from Parking Services for a daily fee. Visitors are considered all persons who do not qualify for a permit, decal or hangtag as previously described.

Section C: Departments may call Parking Services at 346-3900 or 346-2188 to secure parking privileges for visitors who have not obtained a permit.

Section D: Visitor temporary permits are valid only for the lot and date(s) specified. The temporary permit must be placed on the inside lower right corner of the passenger window behind the driver. Visitor permits are not valid in metered lots.

Section E: Parking for conferences or meetings may be arranged through either the office of Conference and Reservations or Parking Services. Parking Services will issue a hanging permit for a parking lot that is date specific and costs $6.00 per day. The non-refundable hangtag permits can be arranged in advance of the conference or meeting.

Section F: If you have a guest speaker, please call-in the vehicle license plate number for parking privileges in Lots E, D or R: Parking Services Office 715-346-3900. Vehicles and plate numbers not called in will be ticketed.

Section G: Visitor parking is available at the Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center parking lot at no charge from 6:00 am until 10:30 pm, seven days a week. This parking lot is closed from 10:30 pm until 6:00 am seven days a week and violators' will be ticketed.

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