Parking Information - Faculty/Staff

Parking on the UWSP campus is by permit only except in metered areas with proper payment. Space for parking is limited and restricted and there is a charge to purchase a permit. A parking permit serves as permission to park and does not guarantee a parking space. The university is not responsible for damage to a vehicle or its contents while parked on campus. Parking is not allowed in restricted or reserved areas. Motorcycle parking only in cycle stalls April 1st - Nov 1st.

Obtaining a parking permit on campus is a two-step process for Faculty/Staff; WAITLIST sign-up and PERMIT PURCHASE. Lot assignments of parking spaces are based on continuous seniority-of-service at UWSP and require a waitlist signup by August 1st each year. Faculty/staff can select two waitlist options; first choice lot & second choice lot. The PERMIT PURCHASE step begins in early August after the seniority WAITLIST lot assignment is completed. Your waitlist lot assignment reservation will be held for a two-week period for you to purchase your permit. If you have not purchased a permit in that timeframe, the reservation will be released to the next senior person on the list. Second semester parking permit sales begin in early January.

Waitlist Signup Link - Add/Edit Waitlists

Permit payment options:

  * Cash/check in Parking Services office
  * Credit/debit card online only

  * Payroll deduction option available online only through November (staff paid monthly can select 1 full or 5 partial payments, staff paid bi-weekly can select 1, 5 or 10 payments). Payroll deduction option not available after November.  Parking permits paid for via payroll deduction are not eligible for permit return refunds. (If on campus for fall semester only you can pay for permit with cash, check, credit or debit card to apply for a 40% refund at the end of fall term. 

Faculty/staff parking permit requests received after August 1st are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

To be included in the seniority-based parking assignment, submit your parking lot waitlist options by Aug 1st each year.

Faculty/Staff Parking Lot Options: Lot A, D, E, F, H, K, R, S, V and Z
Combination Staff/Student Lot: Lot W
Combination Staff/Meter Lot: Lot T
  • 2018-2019 annual vehicle hangtag: $200.00
  • Second semester vehicle hangtag: $120.00 (semester permits for sale starting Jan. 6th)
  • Summer vehicle permit: $50.00 (summer permit sales start in May)
  • Motorcycle permit (available in Parking Office only): $100.00, $60.00, $25.00
  • 2018-2019 parking hangtag is required on vehicle rearview mirror one week prior to start of the academic year
Hangtag Display: Display hangtag from your vehicle rear-view mirror when parked on campus. $10 IMPROPER DISPLAY OF PERMIT citations issued to vehicles without a hangtag hanging from rear-view mirror. 
Accessible Parking Campus Permits - Faculty and staff with a DOT issued disabled permit can purchase a university disabled parking permit upon receipt of a copy of your disabled hangtag or plate. Vehicle plates must be registered to applicant. CAMPUS disabled parking permits issued by Parking Services will allow parking in campus designated "Handicap-Campus Permit Required" stalls, in campus meter stalls without payment, and in any permit stall when the "Handicap-Campus Permit Required"stalls are full.
If you have a need for a temporary handicap permit to park closer - check with the WI Department of Motor Vehicle website for application info: - Parking Services staff is not medically qualified to determine handicap eligibility. 

L-permit is an after-2pm parking permit allowing students, faculty and staff to park in any regular parking stall (with the exception of Lots H, F, Z & meters) after 2pm. The L-permit does not allow for overnight parking.
Faculty/Staff Motorcycle Stalls - open Apr 1st-Nov 1st
Motorcycles with a motorcycle plate are required to have a UWSP motorcycle permit to park in faculty designated motocycle stalls on campus. Faculty motorcycle stalls are available in Lots A, D, E, H, R, T, V and W. Motorcycle stalls are open Apr 1st until Nov. 1st. 
Motorcycle Locations
     Lot A – east side of Old Main
     Lot D – north/west corner
     Lot E – north/west corner
     Lot H - west side of lot
     Lot R – Reserve entrance, north/east corner
     Lot T – south/west corner
     Lot V - south side (by Hardees)
     Lot W – north/west corner
Mopeds - 50 cc's and under, can park by the bike racks on campus without contacting Parking Services. Mopeds parking in any location other than the bike racks will be ticketed. Mopeds need to have a current moped license plate to be valid.

NOTE: only one registered vehicle per person, including motorcycles, may be parked on campus at a time.

All UWSP parking lots are enforced year round and regulations are in effect anytime classes are in session; fall, winterim, spring and summer sessions.  
After 3 pm:  Faculty/staff with a valid parking hangtag for a specific lot can park in non-restricted lots - faculty/staff parking hangtags are valid in most faculty/staff lots after 3pm; license call-in is not required. Restricted lots: F, H and Z.
ALTERNATE PARKING DURING BREAKS: Parking Lots D, E, and R, are OPEN to staff permit holders when classes and finals are not in session. (Summer and Winterim classes count as in session.)
Temporary--Drop-off or Pick-up:  Drivers needing to drop off or pick up items will have the option to park in any regular stall (not handicap/reserved/meter) for up to 30 minutes with their flashers on.  If vehicle goes beyond the 30 minute limit, parking guidelines apply and a citation may be issued.