After Hours or Alternate Lot Parking

Overnight student guests can park in Lot Q (except for the DAY PARKING ONLY section) and Lot W, from 7pm to 7am without paying Monday-Friday.

Daily guest parking permits are available at $6 per day, pre-paid with cash/check only in the Parking Services office M-F, 7:45am-4pm if space is available.
Student parking lots are open to park in for free on weekends starting at 7pm on Friday through 6am on Monday (except the Lot Q, DAY PARKING ONLY section that is restricted starting at 12am on Monday).

Effective September 1, 2018, in an effort to maintain efficiency and support the seniority based permit system, we will no longer be accepting call-ins for alternate lots or forgotten/missing hangtags.  There will be one warning/permit/permit year for a forgotten hangtag.  Please note:  Drivers that have a short parking need to drop off items do have the option to park in any permit stall (not handicap, reserved space, or meter) for up to 30 minutes with their flashers on.  If vehicle goes beyond the 30-minute limit, parking guidelines apply and a citation may be issued.
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