Hike Switzerland & France 

  (Chamonix to Zermatt​)

Aug. 3-18, 2013
Hike Switz/France   Globe


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Tour Summary

Enjoy hiking on and around Europe’s two highest and most stunning peaks; Mt. Blanc (France) and the Matterhorn (Switzerland) embody the European Alpine experience. Soak up the ambiance of two of the most famous Alpine villages, Chamonix at the foot of Mt. Blanc in the French Alps, a world class hiking and mountaineering village, and Zermatt, an auto-free mountaineering village nestled at the foot of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. Zermatt is only accessible via cog-rail or by foot! It’s a hiker/walker’s dream… Three days in Geneva, a beautiful historic city on Lake Geneva (home to Voltaire, Rousseau as well as Jean Calvin), will offer stunning views over the Alps. Geneva is a center for the arts and diplomacy (U.N.) on the shores of Lake Geneva. Soak in the local culture, foods, a fine museum, and more in this magnificent city and enjoy an awe-inspiring boat ride on Lake Geneva, which will take participants to another rich cultural experience in Montreux. A visit at the Castle of Chillon in Montreux will touch upon the residence of Byron and other English Romantic writers along with elegant architecture.
Trip leader Richard Ruppel lived in Zurich, Switzerland for two years, has visited many times since, and has hiked the Engadin Valley numerous times. He also biked parts of France and spent several nights in Chamonix. Trip leader Jutta Brendel knows Italy well, has traveled to Italy, Switzerland, France, and more, is familiar with the northern Italian Lakes, and speaks fluent Italian. Plus both leaders speak fluent German.
Within this trip walks and hikes are available for all levels of ability. With cultural wonders abound, participants are sure to enjoy every step along this adventure! Join us on the trip and you’ll experience beautiful hiking adventures, local cuisine, and many options to explore the lands, waters, and cultures of Switzerland and France.
Here's what more participants from the Hike Switzerland/Italy Adventure 2012 had to say:
"Great leaders! Very accommodating to requests & made sure everyone enjoyed each day!" -Tom & Rosemary Kautz
"Trip was very organized & very flexible." -Judy Fisher
 "Thanks for your help with the delay (flight) I had. It worked out okay for the group. The best I ever travelled with on the Point trips. The leaders were super great!" -MaryAnn Duckert
"...well organized, provided options for all levels of interest & ability."  -Linda Wengerd

Itinerary & Details

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Tour Leaders

Richard Ruppel - Professor of German Literature at UWSP and experienced trip leader, speaks fluent German
Jutta Brendel - Teacher for the Inernational Students and Scholars Office, experienced trip leader and speaks fluent

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