Hidden Cultural
Riches of Japan

July 20-31, 2018

(Booking Closed)


Experience the cultural richness of Japan by joining tour leader Trisha Lamers on an adventure beyond most popular Japan travel itineraries. This 12-day tour will allow travelers an up-close and personal perspective of Japanese culture, traditions, daily life, and of course... amazing food! It’s built for adventurers who love to actively explore and embrace the unknown. Trisha lived in Japan for eight years and her experiences, knowledge, and language proficiency will help travelers uncover the uniqueness of this country, its people, and the Japanese language. Not for the shy of crowds or fearful of new tastes, this tour will take travelers beyond the typical tourist hubs into traditional villages, with a chance to meet locals, and the opportunity to explore temples and experience incredible hidden cultural treasures. Get on your walking shoes, we are about to embark on a journey that will broaden the way we think and develop in us, new ways to approach living. Expect to return refreshed but forever changed by this beautiful country and culture.

Tour Leader

Trisha Lamers- Trisha has lived, worked, and studied in Japan for eight years. Following that, she spent one year at Colorado State University before she returned abroad. From 2007–2014, she lived and worked in Qatar.  Her extensive background in international travel, culture, and languages brings insight and fun to this new tour!  She is excited to introduce travelers to the hidden cultural riches that travelers rarely experience while in Japan. Trisha is the current Director of the UWSP Tutoring & Learning Center.

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