Trekking Austria & Italy

Aug. 1 - 15, 2015

(on tour)

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Tour Summary

The magnificent landscapes, rich culture, & history of the Habsburg Empire, the longest reigning dynasty in Europe (1278-1918), will fascinate adventurers on this tour. Richard Ruppel and Jutta Brendel will take you on this wonderful journey through south central Europe exploring Austrian & Italian centers of culture and leisure. Salzburg, Austria, one of Europe’s most beautiful baroque cities, hosts the Salzburg Music Festival (the oldest and most famous in Europe) and you’ll experience the festival in full swing! Beyond the festival, enjoy a concert, perhaps a play or an opera, relish the fine local cuisine and visit the stunning historic sites such as the Salzburg Cathedral, Mirabelle Gardens, Mozart’s birthplace, and historic and contemporary art exhibits. Then, travel on to the spa resort of Bad Gastein, a nineteenth-century Alpine spa built upon the terraces overlooking the valley and surrounding peaks of the Goldberg Mountain Range. Experience European wellness in a traditional Baroque setting and enjoy local concerts and exhibitions while the beauty of the Alps lures you into some hiking adventures. Travel across the border into Italy to Cortina d’ Ampezzo, the heart of the Dolomites, an international center for summer hiking and mountain climbing. Cortina is also a nineteenth-century spa resort, yet you will love to hike in the Italian sunshine and protected setting at the foot of Mt. Tofana. The journey ends in Triest, an important shipping port on the northern Adriatic and the Mediterranean port to the Habsburg Empire. Relax in the central square  with three nineteenth century palaces, visit the fifth-century-Romanesque Cathedral of San Guisto, explore Miramare Palace (Kaiser Maximilian of Austria), and experience many more cultural sites and sounds. The languages along this journey stretch from German to Italian, English, and more, but no need to worry as Richard & Jutta are fluent in English and German and Jutta is fluent in Italian plus both know Austria and Italy well. They’re excited to bring you along this captivating journey!  



Richard Ruppel - Professor of German and Comparative Literature at UWSP, experienced tour leader, and speaks fluent German. He has also travelled in and led many tours to Austria, Italy, and other parts of Europe.
Jutta Brendel - ESL-Instructor for the International Students and Scholars Office at UWSP, experienced tour leader, and speaks fluent Italian and German. She has also travelled in and led many tours to Austria, Italy, and other parts of Europe.

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