The Lakota Reservation

May 21-30, 2020

Dates: May 21-30, 2020
Phone: Prof. Sterling Wall at 715-346-4653

Prof. Sterling Wall at 715-346-4653

What past attendees have to say about The Lakota Reservation trip

  • Kelsey Haelfrisch"What an awesome experience! Thank you Simply Smiles and the community of La Plant for welcoming UW-Stevens Point."
  • Lacey Russell"I'm so glad I came on this trip! It's nice to know we made a small difference in their lives."
  • Elizabeth Nelson"Forever my life will be changed. I will view the world in a different way."


Dates: May 21-30, 2020
Phone: Prof. Sterling Wall at 715-346-4653

Study away in The Lakota Reservation with UW-Stevens Point

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (CRST) Reservation in South Dakota is an autonomous nation within the borders of the United States. It is home to four bands of Lakota Indians. You may build off-the-grid homes with Simply Smiles to increase sustainability and self-sufficiency, or assist with nurturing the community garden.

You will participate and help facilitate healthy living programs including morning walking, community meals, cooking classes and day camp for youth. See how one trip attendee found her passion while on the reservation and was hired before graduation.

In a place where poverty is extreme and entrenched, the Simply Smiles holistic and dignified approach is working. Simply Smiles works to bring the community of La Plant, S.D., together–first through building a communal space where people can gather and second by bringing people together for events where we can realize that we are stronger together.

Earn credit while in The Lakota Reservation

​HD 397 sec. 5 Fieldwork: A supervised training work program in a cooperating off-campus establishment; work experience and supervision followed by an evaluation of individual progress. May substitute for HD 366, 386, 397 sec. 4

Cost of The Lakota Reservation trip

  • Tuition for 3 credit summer course
  • $1,178 course fee
    • Covers travel expenses
    • Transportation
    • Reservation fee
    • Reservation housing
    • Hotel (4 nights)
    • All meals on reservation and 2 off reservation
    • National Park fees

Student support services

The Lakota Reservation program is offered by and the sole responsibility of the School of Health Promotion and Human Development. The UWSP Office of International Education is not affiliated with this program. To learn more about UWSP’s study abroad opportunities, please visit the Office of International Education.