Health Promotion and Wellness

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UW-Stevens Point Health Promotion and Wellness graduates at work

  • Kelsey Corrigan '09Health and Wellness Coordinator at Sentry Insurance in Stevens Point
  • Chris Andrews '93Owner of Personal Touch Fitness in London, England
  • Eric Christensen '07Safety and Occupational Health Specialist at Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in Milwaukee


Phone: 715-346-2830

Choose Health Promotion and Wellness at UW-Stevens Point

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is considered around the world as the home of wellness. In fact, the National Wellness Institute was founded here and still maintains a close relationship with our academic program. As a health promotion and wellness major, you’ll meet pioneers in the wellness movement who strongly believe in the concept of preventing, rather than treating, illnesses while embracing a healthy lifestyle that includes the seven dimensions of wellness.

Depending upon your career aspirations you’ll choose from electives and practicums in different areas of specialization: Community Health Promotion and Wellness, Corporate Health and Worksite Wellness, Health and Wellness Coaching or Fitness Leadership and Personal Training.

Members of our faculty are leaders in the health promotion and wellness field and come from a wide array of backgrounds and specialties including exercise physiology and fitness, psychology and health coaching, corporate wellness, public health and holistic wellness.

Our program is accredited by the National Wellness Institute. In fact, UW-Stevens Point was the first health promotion and wellness program in the United States to achieve accreditation and have been honored nationally for our long records of producing high-quality graduates.

Career opportunities in Health Promotion and Wellness

Health promotion and wellness professionals deliver scientifically based programs designed to help people improve the quality of their lives. Throughout your career, you might create and implement fitness, nutrition, health education and stress-management programs, oversee public relations campaigns, manage fitness or wellness facilities, utilize health and wellness coaching strategies or provide individuals with health-risk appraisals and risk-management tools.

The job market for health promotion and wellness professionals is growing at a rapid rate. As a result of rising health care costs and increased recognition of the important preventive role that health educators can play, you’ll likely find that your skills are in high demand. See where our alumni are working!

Building your résumé

Health promotion and wellness student internship plans are designed to provide you with experiences in behavior-change facilitation, marketing and promotion, and organizational experience. We have compiled a list of more than 300 potential internship sites.

The School of Health Promotion and Human Development and UW-Stevens Point Office of International Education offer many study abroad programs where students can experience their profession in different cultures and contexts, such as in ​​Nicaragua, Australia and the Cook Islands.

In addition, graduating from our National Wellness Institute-accredited program qualifies you to be a certified wellness practitioner (CWP).

Outside the classroom

You’ll get hands-on experience working in our Health and Human Performance Lab as well as assisting with the student-run UW-Stevens Point Employee Wellness program.

You’ll also have the chance to join the student chapter of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), an organization specifically for pre-professionals in health promotion and wellness interested in gaining practical experience in health promotion programs.

As a senior, you will join your peers in a weekend retreat with several faculty members where you will reflect on your experiences, examine your values and prepare for the transition into your chosen career.

Student support services

UW-Stevens Point health promotion and wellness majors are advised in the School of Health Promotion and Human Development Academic and Career Advising Center during their first two years. Students work with peer advisers and our Academic and Career Adviser Becky Konietzki to develop a plan to meet their educational, career and life goals.

The Academic and Career Advising Center staff assists students with meeting degree requirements, meeting General Education Program requirements, planning for study abroad, career development, scholarships and academic success.