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Course Descriptions



BIOL 101 - General Biology (5 cr) - Biological principles; survey wide variety of plant and animal life. 3 hrs lec, 3 hrs lab per wk. Addl evening test sections for major exams. GDR: NS
BIOL 160 - Introduction to Animal Biology (5 cr) - Anatomy, physiology, adaptation, and classification of animals; morphology and anatomy of various types of animals. 3 hrs lec, 3 hrs lab per wk. Addl 2-hour test sections 4 times during the semester. GDR: NS

HP/W 101 - Careers in Health Promotion/Health Protection (1 cr; pass/fail) - Introduction to seven dimensions of wellness, career opportunities in wellness and occupational health and safety; skills and competencies required, content areas, areas of specialization, introduction to professional organizations and journals.

ENGL 101
- Freshman English (3 cr) - Critical reading, logical thinking, and effective writing. Write frequently in and out of class, using specific rhetorical strategies for a variety of purposes and audiences. Prereq: Satisfactory placement test score. GDR:ENGL
ENGL 150 - Advanced Freshman English (3 cr) - Research and writing using appropriate rhetorical strategies for students with potential for accelerated reading, writing, and research. Prereq: Satisfactory test scores. GDR: ENGL 

PSYC 110 - Introduction to Psychology (3 cr) - Introduction to scientific study of behavior and mental processes, and methods used in psychological research.

Humanities (Choice) (3 cr)

HD 265 - Human Growth and Development: A Life-Span Approach (3 cr) - Concepts, principles, and current research findings applied to the study of growth and development from conception through death in the context of family. Includes physical/health-related issues. Prereq: Psychology 110 or cons instr. GDR: SS2
CHEM 101 - Basic Chemistry (5 cr) - Introduction to atomic and molecular structure, bonding, stoichiometry, descriptive chemistry of both inorganic and organic compounds, selected topics in environmental and consumer chemistry. 3 hrs lec, 1 hr disc, 3 hrs lab per wk. (See notes 2 and 3.) (I, II) GDR: NS
PHYS 101 - General Physics (5 cr) - Fundamental principles of physics for a general audience; for students in elementary education, general education, communicative disorders, and physical education. 2 hrs lec, 1 hr disc, 4 hrs lab per wk. GDR: NS

ENGL 102 - Freshman English (3 cr) - Analytical reading and writing and the methods of inquiry common to various academic disciplines. Write frequently in and out of class, using suitable sources of information and appropriate documentation methods. Prereq: 101 or equiv. GDR:ENGL 

COMM 101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication (2 or 3 cr) - Introduction to and application of those principles which lead to an understanding of and facility with practical discourse. GDR: COMM 

P ED 271 - Human Anatomy (3 cr) - Skeletal, muscular, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems of the human body. Prereq: Cons instr.
BIOL 387/587 - Human Anatomy (formerly 286) (4 cr) - Examine human anatomy using models, X-rays, charts, computer animations, and prosected cadaver demonstrations. Complements Biol 285 to provide general background in human structure and function. For students preparing for health care careers. 3 hrs lec, 3 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 281 or 285 or con reg in 281 or 285.

FN 151 - Contemporary Nutrition (2 cr) - Apply nutrition principles to contemporary problems in food choices and health. GDR: WL/HE

WLNS 183 - Weight Training AA (1 cr).

BIOL 385 - Human Physiology (formerly 285) (4 cr) - Normal functions of organ systems in humans; fulfills physiology requirements for biology, human development and nutritional sciences, physical education majors, and is recommended as preprofessional for medical or allied health fields. 3 hrs lec, 3 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 160 or 101; Chemistry 101. GDR: NS (I, II) 

History (Choice) (3 cr)

MATH 100 - College Algebra (3 cr) - Graphing linear equations and inequalities, exponents, radicals, quadratic equations, systems of equations, study of functions including exponentials and logarithmic functions. Prereq: 90 or suitable placement test score. GDR: MATH

Environmental Literacy (Choice) (3 cr)

Humanities (Choice) (3 cr)


FN 253 - Introduction to Nutrition and Nutrient Metabolism (3 cr) - Basics for and use of nutrient recommendations and dietary guidelines; digestion, metabolism, use and interrelationships of foods and nutrients. Prereq: So st.
HP/W 202 - Personal Wellness and Group Exercise Leadership (3 cr) - Assess and plan to improve your personal wellness in all seven dimensions of wellness. Also introduction to group exercise leadership skills and experiences. Prereq: 101.
HP/W 290 - Psychological Aspects of Health (3 cr) - Role of psychology in disease, injury, premature death, and high level wellness, both to individual and society. Includes interrelatedness of wellness dimensions, healthy and destructive behaviors, managing chronic diseases, psychosocial aspects of final illness and death, and delivery of health services. Prereq: HPHD major intent.
PSYC 385/585 - Health Psychology (3 cr) - Contribution of environmental and psychological factors to the causes, treatment, and prevention of disease. Prereq: 110.

MATH 355 - Elementary Statistical Methods (4 cr) - Fundamental concepts and techniques that underlie applications to various disciplines, including descriptive statistics; averages; dispersion; random sampling; binomial, normal, Student T, Chi-square, and F distributions; estimation and tests of hypothesis; linear regression and correlation; laboratory emphasis on sampling and applications. Does not count toward math major/minor, or major for teacher certification. Prereq: 100 or suitable placement test score. GDR: MATH BS BM/BFA

Social Science (Choice – MNS) (3 cr)

HP/W 300 - Health Promotion Programming: Design, Techniques, and Resources (3 cr) - Develop skills to design and write complete health promotion programs including needs and assessment, goals and objectives, appropriate use of incentives, program evaluation and selection of resources. Gain discipline specific writing and presentation skills through the design and delivery of original programs to selected audience.


HP/W 304 - Behavior Change Facilitation (3 cr) - Beginning skills in health counseling: interpret data, set goals; attend, encourage, challenge, and plan strategies for health promotion/protection. Prereq: Accepted HP/W major or cons instr.
HP/W 312 - Exercise Physiology (3 cr) - Effects of exercises on speed, strength, skill and endurance; nature of muscular behavior, fatigue; effects of exercise with respect to nutrition, age, sex, and occupation. Prereq: Physical Education 271 or Biology 387, Biology 285, cons instr.
HP/W 320 - Developing Stress Management Programs (3 cr) - Scientific foundations of stress, stress management techniques including lifestyle, personality, time management, relaxation, and other holistic approaches, strategies for personal stress management. Assessment, prescription, program development. Prereq: Accepted HP/W major or cons instr.

Elective #1 In Career Area (3 cr)




HS 395 - Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3 cr) - Introduction to basic principles and methods of epidemiology and application to health care delivery. Includes historical perspective of epidemiology, measures of disease occurrence and association, clinical epidemiology, disease screening, causal inference, study design. Prereq: HS 105 and Math 305 or cons. instr.

HP/W 410/610 - Promoting and Marketing Wellness (3 cr) - Assess market opportunities in wellness services, programs, and facilities. Develop marketing and promotional strategies to increase the customer base, provide incentives for behavioral change and enhance revenues for wellness programs, services and facilities. Prereq: Accepted HP/W major, 300, 304, 305, 312, or cons instr.

HP/W 430 - Advanced Practicum in Health Promotion/Health Protection (1-3 cr) - Practical experience as a preprofessional in health promotion/protection to advance skill levels beyond basic requirements. Credit based on scope of experience and time commitment. Topics change each semester. Prereq: Cons instr.

Social Science OR Humanities (Choice) (3 cr)

Elective #2 In Career Area (3 cr) 


HP/W 403 - Preprofessional Transition (3 cr) - Wellness retreat emphasizing emotional, social and career dimensions of wellness. Includes facilitation group skills, and self assessments to look at personal wellness progress since joining the major. Preparation for internship and entering the job market. Prereq: Must enroll semester before internship.

HP/W 420 - Health Promotion/Protection Management (3 cr) - Develop health promotion/ protection programs for community and worksite settings. Assessment, economic evaluation, management strategies, organizational culture, gender, race and issues that affect participation in health promotion and health protection programs. Prereq: Accepted HP/W major, 300, 304, 305, 312, or cons instr.

HP/W 430 - Advanced Practicum in Health Promotion/Health Protection (1-3 cr) - Practical experience as a preprofessional in health promotion/protection to advance skill levels beyond basic requirements. Credit based on scope of experience and time commitment. Topics change each semester. Prereq: Cons instr.

Social Science OR Humanities (Choice) (3 cr)

Elective #3 In Career Area (3 cr)


HP/W 450 - Internship in Health Promotion/ Wellness (12 cr; pass/fail) - A full semester participation in a community or worksite health promotion/protection setting. Prereq: 403, completion of ALL coursework; 2.75 cum GPA; certification in First Aid and CPR.​

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