​Required Foundation Knowledge in Nutrition

​Students who enter the Master of Science in Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems program with deficits in fundamental nutrition knowledge will be required to fulfill the following coursework (at UWSP or equivalent courses elsewhere) IN ADDITION to the 30 credits of graduate coursework: FN253 and FN373. 

FN 253 Introduction to Nutrition and Nutrient Metabolism

Offered online in summer and face-to-face spring and fall semesters.

This course provides the students with an understanding of the scientific basis for and appropriate use of nutrient recommendations and dietary guidelines; the digestion, metabolism, use of nutrients; and the interrelationships of foods and nutrients.

FN 373 Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle (Prerequisite = FN 253)

Offered face-to-face spring semester.

This course provides the students with an understanding of the nutritional requirements, challenges, and eating patterns throughout the life cycle.  These issues are applied to understanding community nutrition programs targeted to different stages of the lifespan.

Alternative equivalent courses are available through distance learning from other institutions. If you identify another institution that offers a course you think may satisfy the above two required foundation courses, please confirm with nutrition faculty at UWSP whether the course satisfies the necessary competencies by providing one of our faculty with the course title and number, course description, and copy of the syllabus.

Intro to Nutrient Metabolism

Cuyahoga Community College
Basic Nutrition 1200

Lifecycle Nutrition

Parkland College
DTP 126 Nutrition & Life Cycles
Jane Valentine, MS RD LDN

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
NUTR 3300E Current Concepts/Trends Across the Lifespan
Marcia Richards

Chemeketa Community College
NFM240 Nutrition in the Lifecycle
Alfreda A. Raymon

Mississippi State University
FNH 4353 Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle
Fauzia Khan

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