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Program Description

Students Assisting in the Community
The Master of Science in Community and Organizational Leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is designed to broaden your abilities in leadership, program planning and critical thinking in individual, family and community settings. Earn your master's degree fully online or attend some face-to-face courses.

Program electives are designed according to your individual needs and career goals. Candidates must complete 30 credits and successfully complete a thesis, project or comprehensive exam as a culminating experience; 15 core credits are required. The remaining 15 credits are designed to provide an area of specialization that meets the unique career goals of the candidate.

Students complete a plan of study to build or enhance an area of expertise. Students choose one of three culminating experiences.

Core courses and electives are offered on a regular basis to assist in a timely completion of the program. Courses are offered online to accommodate the employed or distance student. View the Course Curriculum page

Candidates for this degree must finalize a plan of study before completion of 9 credits. This plan facilitates the building of a career plan of action and must be completed with your adviser.

Graduate faculty will assist each individual in designing a series of courses and experiences that open doors to future challenging work experiences.

Who is the program designed for?

The program is designed with the professional needs of the following in mind:

  1. Students interested in pursuing careers in community programs; public health; community development, planning and design; or other areas in which knowledge and skills in leadership and sustainability are essential.
  2. Professionals currently working in community health and development settings who wish to gain expertise in collaboration and program: management, development, and evaluation.
  3. Professionals currently working in a health area may use the degree for career enhancement or professional development to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.


Graduates of this program are employed in a variety of fields including:

  • Head Start Educational Services Coordinator
  • Family and Consumer Education Teaching
  • County Outreach Specialist
  • Extension Agent/Nutrition Education
  • Tribal Long Term Health Care Specialist
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Community Health Care Specialist
  • Prevention Specialist for Tobacco Cessation
  • Children's Social Worker
  • Day Care Instructor/Manager
  • First Home Coordinator
  • Hospital Outreach Specialist
  • Human Resource Project Coordinator
  • Community Alcohol and Drug Prevention Agent
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