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Career Opportunities 

Make a difference by helping people make positive change in their lives.

Teacher Education

Graduates with the teacher education certification are certified to teach K-12. Most teach at the middle and senior high school level. In addition, they are prepared for positions in technical institutions or in community colleges.
Family & Consumer Sciences educators teach subjects such as:
  • parenting and child development
  • family and personal relationships
  • food preparation and nutrition
  • human development
  • personal and family financial managment
  • career development
  • tourism and recreation
  • Apparel construction and textiles
  • home and interior design
  • consumer purchasing

Job Prospects

There is a shortage of family & consumer sciences teachers. This shortage is projected to continue for at least the next decade. Of our graduates, 100% have found employment in the field immediately after graduating, if not prior to graduating. Annual starting salary is approximately $35,000-40,000.





Child, Youth and Family Studies

Graduates of the child, youth and family studies option may work in a variety of settings, agencies, or programs such as:

  • community-based/adult education
  • marital and family counseling
  • child-care
  • youth programs
  • adoption/foster care
  • family crisis centers
  • health and human services
  • parks and recreation
  • health care settings
  • elder care agencies or hospice programs
  • non-profit organizations
  • immigration and migrant family services

Family life education graduates may have job titles such as:

  • Boys & Girls Club Director
  • Big Brothers & Sisters Director
  • Healthy Beginnings Home Visitor
  • Parent Educator
  • YMCA and Summer Camp Youth Program Leader
  • 4-H Trainer and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Domestic Violence Victim Advocate
  • Consumer Advocate


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