Family and Consumer Sciences: Career Options

Make a difference by helping people make positive change in their lives.

Teacher Education

Graduates with the teacher education certification are certified to teach K-12. Most teach at the middle and senior high school level. In addition, they are prepared for positions in technical institutions or in community colleges.
Family and consumer sciences educators teach subjects such as:
  • parenting and child development
  • family and personal relationships
  • food preparation and nutrition
  • human development
  • personal and family financial managment
  • career development
  • tourism and recreation
  • Apparel construction and textiles
  • home and interior design
  • consumer purchasing

Job Prospects

There is a shortage of family and consumer sciences teachers. This shortage is projected to continue for at least the next decade. Of our graduates, 100% have found employment in the field immediately after graduating, if not prior to graduating. Annual starting salary is approximately $35,000-40,000.





Child Life and Family Studies

Graduates of the child life and family studies option may work in a variety of settings, agencies, or programs such as:

  • community-based/adult education
  • marital and family counseling
  • child-care
  • youth programs
  • adoption/foster care
  • family crisis centers
  • health and human services
  • parks and recreation
  • health care settings
  • elder care agencies or hospice programs
  • non-profit organizations
  • immigration and migrant family services

Child life and family studies graduates may have job titles such as:

  • Boys & Girls Club Director
  • Big Brothers & Sisters Director
  • Healthy Beginnings Home Visitor
  • Parent Educator
  • YMCA and Summer Camp Youth Program Leader
  • 4-H Trainer and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Domestic Violence Victim Advocate
  • Consumer Advocate

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