Health & Wellness Coaching Graduate Certificate: Curriculum

Upcoming Offerings
​ Fall 2017

​HP/W 705 - Theories of Health Coaching and Behavior Change

HP/W 690 - Contemporary Issues in Health Promotion - (Topic to be announced)

​ Spring 2018

HP/W 725 - Cross Cultural Coaching and Systems

HP/W 690 - Contemporary Issues in Health Promotion (Topic to be announced)

HP/W 775 - Internship/Ethics


HP/W 690. Contemporary Issues in Health Promotion
1 cr. per offering. Topics vary.

HP/W 705. Theories of Health Coaching and Behavior Change
3 cr. Provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed for coaching professionals to assist individuals and groups with health behavior change.
HP/W 725. Cross-Cultural Coaching of Groups/Systems
3 cr. Develop culture specific communication skills that are sensitive and helpful to various cultural groups. Coaching requires a basic understanding not only of the worldviews of different groups but also one’s own possible stereotypes, which may hinder effectiveness in the caring and empathetic process. Examine issues of racism, differences in cultural values and worldviews, verbal and non-verbal communication and other factors that affect the processes of coaching individuals and groups.
HP/W 775. Practicum/Internship/Ethics
3 cr. Supervised, pre-professional practice experience in health and wellness coaching. You’ll be placed in practicum sites in a range of venues and will receive on-site supervision by both a field supervisor and the course instructor. Provides intensive preparation early in the course on professional standards, ethics, assessment of clinical issues, interviewing skills, and referral strategies. Prereq: 705, 725

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