HEOA Compliance - Textbook Purchase

The University Store will begin posting supplemental (purchased) course books online beginning in 2010.  Students can search for courses by department, course number, and section number to find required and optional supplemental book listings.

Book orders are due from faculty on March 1 for Fall and Summer semester courses and October 1 for Spring semester and Winterim courses. Books will be posted by April 1 (for summer and fall) or November 1 (for winterim and spring) or as soon as they are received from the faculty or department, whichever is the later date.

Text Rental books will continue to be listed on the students course schedule, which is available on myPoint.  Text Rental books do not require the payment of fees at the point of rental as rental fees are paid as segregated fees (at a rate of $5.65 per credit for a maximum of $67.80 for a full time student, rates are accurate for academic year 2010-11) and therefore do not fall under the federal guidelines. It is the intention of the University Store and Text Rental that at such time that it is feasible the supplemental and rental books will be listed together for each course.


Notice to Students Regarding Illegal Sharing of Music and Movies

Email is sent to all UWSP students

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires the university to annually remind students to avoid illegal sharing of music and movies while using their personally-owned computer or university-owned computers on the campus network.

The Recording Industry Association of America, the Motion Picture Association of America, the TV networks like NBC and ABC and other copyright holders look for individuals illegally sharing copyrighted music, videos, and TV shows on university campuses.  When they find someone illegally sharing files from a campus Internet address (IP address), they send a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice to us via the UW-System Legal Department. 

If we receive a notice from UW-System legal that implicates you in sharing music or movies illegally while using our Residential Network, the campus wireless network or the campus wired network such as in a computer lab, our response will vary depending on whether you have had prior offenses.  Our response will be as follows:

  • For a first offense, you will lose your ability to use the Internet on campus for 7 days. 

  • For a second offense, you will lose your ability to use the Internet on campus indefinitely until you meet with the UWSP Digital Millennium Copyright Act Officer to discuss your offense and have your computer cleaned of the offending material.

  • For a third offense, you will lose your ability to use the Internet on campus indefinitely and you will be referred to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office.  You will be notified of this action by email and be invited to a meeting with the Conduct Officer per usual Conduct Officer procedure.  Your Internet access will remain off pending a resolution of your referral to the Students Rights and Responsibility Office.

In addition, copyright holders and their representatives may pursue legal remedies against individuals caught illegally sharing copyrighted materials.  Copyright law allows a copyright holder to sue someone who violates their rights for up to $150,000 per song, movie or TV episode.  Here at UWSP, a number of students that were sharing music illegally were threatened with lawsuits and ended up settling out of court for between $3,000 and $5,000 each to keep from being sued for a much higher amount. 

In order to keep yourself from experiencing any of the consequences above, we encourage you to:

If you have installed and used any of the above P2P file sharing programs on the computer you own and use on the campus network, follow the instructions for disabling illegal file sharing on this web site:  http://nsit.uchicago.edu/services/safecomputing/disableptp/

You may contact the ResNet Office (LRC 025) for help with removing P2P file sharing programs or call 715-346-3995.  This service is free for residents and $30 per service for non-resident students.

Thank you.

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