Scholarship of Teaching Learning (SoTL) refers to systematic research conducted on teaching and learning issues. SoTL projects begin with learner-centered questions about teaching and learning whether face-to-face or in the online environment,  that result in a research project.

For more detailed information about SoTL, view the SoTL Tutorial by the International Society of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

If you're interestred in developing a SoTL project please contact or better yet, complete an application to become a Wisconsin Teaching Fellow or Scholar (WTFS).  As a member of the WTFS program you will undertake a significant SoTL proejct, collaborate with other fellow and scholars in project design, and share the project and its results in public forums. Teaching fellows and scholars are expected to serve as leaders and mentor in campus and UW System SoTL work.

Applications for this upcoming year's, 2012-2013, WTFS program are due by October 21, 2011.  Please contact the Grant Support Office or view the following Message of the Day for application information.

Below is a sample of recent SoTL projects developed by UWSP faculty members.


Year​ Name Department​ SoTL Project​
   2009-2010​ Dr. Karin Bodensteiner​ Biology​
Dr. Jody Lewis​ Psychology​ What factors correlate with a student's theory of intelligence?
2008-2009​ Dr. Debbie Palmer​ Psychology​
Dr. Sarah Pogell​ English​ "Social Networking" Outside of Cyberspace: Re-engaging Students in Writing Through Service-Learning Partnerships


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