First Year Seminar
UWSP First Year Seminars (FYS) are academically rigorous foundational course for incoming first year students.  FYS courses are designed to introduce critical thinking skills, orient students to the academic community and campus life, and equip incoming freshmen with other skills necessary to be a successful student.  Fostering intellectual inquiry and self-assessment, FYS courses, help students begin the process of taking responsibility for their education, career choices and personal development.
FYS Learning Outcomes
Upon completing this requirement, students will be able to:
·  Describe the importance of a liberal education and the ways in which academic study is structured at UWSP.
·  Describe the importance of critical thinki9ng and information literacy and apply the associated skills.
·  Identify and apply appropriate note-taking, test-taking, and time management strategies to their academic studies.
·  Describe the importance of co-curricular involvement and how it enhances their academic study at UWSP.
·  Identify and utilize UWSP programs, resources, and services that will support their academic studies and co-curricular involvement.
·  Develop a plan that demonstrates their responsibility for their own education, specifically how it relates to their interests, abilities, career choices and personal development.
FYS Professional Development
To support faculty members and teaching staff in preparing to teach FYS courses, FYS workshops have been offered every semester since fall of 2010.  To view information about these workshops please visit the FYS SharePoint site at