Chapter Volunteer

Alumni Chapters: Are you interested in planning an event in your area? Would you like to network with local Pointers? Join a chapter in your area and stay connected! Fill out the Chapter Member Volunteer Form.

What the Alumni Office can do:

  • Provide contact information for alumni in your area
  • Proof, print, and mail your invitations
  • Send a representative from UWSP if you have more than 100 RSVP’s or believe that a staff member should be present for other reasons.
  • Provide blank name tags and thank you cards

What YOU can do:

  • Coordinate logistics of the event in your area (where, when, how many can come, why it will be fun, will there be a fee etc. See the event planning checklist for more details.
  • Create the invitation for your event with you serving as the host!
  • Thank those who attend your event!

Event Planning Checklist

Open the Event Planning Checklist, print out, and fill in to plan your event. Here is a Sample Event Planning Checklist with information filled in as an example of how to use this form.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I send out letters on my own to encourage attendance, will I be reimbursed?
A: If your letters are encouraging alumni to attend your event, please send a copy of your letters and a receipt for postage to the alumni office. You will be reimbursed for postage.

Q: What if I have to make long distance calls to plan the event, or call alumni from out of the area to encourage them to attend the event?
A: If you have long distance charges related to event planning and marketing, please highlight them on your phone bill and send a copy to the alumni office for reimbursement.

Q: Do I have to form a committee to plan each event?
A: No. We ask that all chapter members get together to plan one large event for your area each year, but other than that, you may plan smaller events on your own at any time.

Q: How do I know whether or not a staff member should be present?
A: In order to have a staff or faculty member at your event we ask that you keep track of RSVP’s for the event. If your event has over 50 attending, we will do our best to send a faculty or staff member. In addition, if a staff member is already planning to be in your area during your event, he or she may be able to stop by. However, if you believe that a staff member should be present at your gathering for any reason regardless of RSVP’s, be sure to contact the alumni office and we will discuss each event on a case by case basis.

Q: What is the time commitment?
A: The time commitment is as little or as much as your schedule allows. The Alumni Office estimates that you will spend about 15 to 25 hours per year as a regional program volunteer.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: We’re here to help! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-POINT01 or by e-mailing us at Someone from the alumni office will contact you 1 week after receiving a signed copy of this form. We will also check in with you periodically to see how you are doing.