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The Story of Stevie, Stephie and Mad Dog

When did UWSP first get its beloved mascot? There are many stories surrounding the beginning of Stevie Pointer. The earliest mention of a mascot can be found in the school paper in 1896, not stating that we have one, but encouraging us to get one as "this seems to be the reason the other teams are winning"
In 1953, the staff of the Iris took the liberty of naming the image of the Pointer as Stevie, the Pointer as a kind of tour guide for the freshman on campus.

StevieDollIn the 1980's, dolls representing Stevie and Stephie were created in Plover as a fund raiser for the school. The story attached to the hand of the dolls indicates that Stevie Pointer was originally designed in the middle 1960's by Walt Boscamp through Student Affairs to present student issues at a time of student unrest. Snoopy was said to be the model and arrangements had been made to have Stevie appear in a series of Peanuts cartoons, this did not materialize.

Today Stevie and Stepanie can be found on campus and even across the country meeting alumni and friends, cheering on the teams, and spreading the Pointer spirit to everyone they meet.
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Stevie in Madison