​Academic Staff Personnel Decisions​​​

Policies regarding personnel decisions ifor academic staff including renewal, review and promotion are different for non-instructional academic staff (Category A & C) compared to instructional academic staff (Category B). Information for both sets of classifications are outlined here.

Retention, Promotion and Emeritus Schedule - 2017-18 

​Category A & C

Please see the Human Resources Onboarding site.

Annual and Supplemental Reviews

At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point we evaluate our employees' performance for five reasons:
  • To enable you to fully understand what's expected of you
  • To help you assess the quality of your past work
  • To give you constructive feedback from those with whom you work
  • To gain information we may use to make accurate personnel decisions on such matters as promotion and retention
  • To encourage you to do your best work

Annual Reviews

These reviews take place once every year, even in years where a supplemental review takes place. These reviews must take place along with review for retention in years where renewal of appointments are also scheduled. See the Annual Review Procedures document for an outline of this process.


Annual Review Procedures

Supplemental Review

During the academic staff member's 2nd and 5th years of employment, and every 5 years thereafter. Supplemental reviews may also be required as part of an application for promotion. The evaluation process shall consist of the annual review and a 2-part supplemental review, a questionnaire survey and a self-assessment. Supplemental Reviews are designed to gather feedback from colleagues who are familiar with an Academic Staff member's role and function within the role.

There is also an electronic format available for the supplemental review. Training sessions for new academic staff are held 2 times/year. Contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel & Budget office for dates.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to participate in the review of someone listed on the "Supplemental Review Roster", you need only contact that employee's supervisor or program assistant. You should not create an electronic review (only the employee up for review and their supervisor need to create the electronic review). When the supplemental review is available, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to participate/respond. PLEASE do not attempt to participate or respond to another staff member's supplemental review before receiving the e-mail as it will not register or be valid.


For questions or problems with the electronic supplemental review, please contact Jack George, System Development Specialist, Information Technology, at extension 3789.

For all other questions or additional information, please contact Katherine Jore, Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel, Budget & Grants at extension 3710.

Supplemental Review Procedures
Creating a Supplemental Review

Supplemental Review List (2017-2018)

Promotion Schedule  

Academic Staff (2017-18)


Category B

Evaluation for Retention, Promotion and Merit

Information on evaluation for retention, promotion and merit is in the University Handbook, Chapter 4B, Section 5. It is also important to review the personnel rules for your department.

Type of Appointment

Category B Academic Staff at UWSP are normally on fixed-term appointments.

Fixed term employees may request indefinite status after 10 years of employment at UWSP as indicated in the University Handbook, Chapter 4A, Section 2, Chapter UWSP 10.03.

Personnel Decisions for Fixed-Term Academic Staff

Materials for Retention and Promotion Files

Category B Merit

Each Category B Academic Staff member in a department generates 14 merit points. Ten of these 14 points are distributed to the department to be allocated according to departmental procedures. The remaining 4 points are distributed among the department chairperson (1 point), the dean of the college (2 points), and the vice chancellor (1 point) to be allocated according to the appropriate procedures for each. In order to receive the full pay plan increase, a total of must 14 total merit points must be earned.

Procedural guidelines for merit distribution can be found in the University Handbook, Chapter 4B, Section 5, under Evaluation of Category B Academic Staff.