​Academic Staff Personnel Decisions​​​

Policies regarding personnel decisions ifor academic staff including renewal, review and promotion are different for non-instructional academic staff (Category A & C) compared to instructional academic staff (Category B). Information for both sets of classifications are outlined here.

Retention, Promotion and Emeritus Schedule: 2018-19
Retention, Promotion and Emeritus Schedule: 2019-20

Academic Affairs Calendar - Budget Verification (2019-20)

​Category A & C (Non-Instructional) Academic Staff

Please see the Human Resources Onboarding site.

Annual and Supplemental Reviews

Academic Affairs unit employees should submit annual and supplemental reviews to:

Academic Affairs
202 Old Main Building
2100 Main Street
Stevens Point, WI  54481
Attn: Libby Raymond 

Please see the Human Resources Performance Reviews site for information on annual and supplemental reviews. 

Personnel Decisions for Fixed-Term Academic Staff

Materials for Retention and Instructional Academic Staff Promotion Files

Promotion Schedule  

Academic Staff (2018-19)

Due Dates for promotion materials to be submitted to your dean/director and to Academic Affairs can be found here (please see section titled Promotion Schedule and Emeritus Schedule located at the bottom of page 1). 


Category B (Instructional) Academic Staff

Evaluation for Retention, Promotion and Merit

Information on evaluation for retention, promotion and merit is in the University Handbook, Chapter 4B, Section 5. It is also important to review the personnel rules for your department.

If you are applying for promotion, please use this check list.

Type of Appointment

Category B Academic Staff at UWSP are normally on fixed-term appointments.

Category B Merit

Each Category B Academic Staff member in a department generates 14 merit points. Ten of these 14 points are distributed to the department to be allocated according to departmental procedures. The remaining 4 points are distributed among the department chairperson (1 point), the dean of the college (2 points), and the vice chancellor (1 point) to be allocated according to the appropriate procedures for each. In order to receive the full pay plan increase, a total of must 14 total merit points must be earned.

Procedural guidelines for merit distribution can be found in the University Handbook, Chapter 4B, Section 5, under Evaluation of Category B Academic Staff