​Hiring Policies​​​​

Faculty and Academic Staff

All requests for hiring either Faculty or Academic Staff should be sent through the appropriate dean or unit head to the Vice Chancellor’s office for approval (see Human Resources and Affirmative Action site for forms). The Human Resources and Affirmative Action Office provides guidance on  the hiring process, including adjuncts and waivers.

Titling of Faculty Positions

The ranks for faculty are broadly defined in the University Handbook, Chapter 4B Section 3. Specific requirements beyond these definitions should be in each department/unit’s policies. Questions regarding the correct titling of faculty or instructional academic staff can be directed toward the Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel, Budget and Grants.

Titling of Academic Staff Positions

All new Category A and C (non-instructional academic staff) positions must be reviewed by the Hayes Hill Titling Advisory Committee for proper titling. Hiring units are encouraged to review the titles in the Unclassified Personnel Guidelines #1 for guidance on proper titling of positions. However, the final recommendation for the title comes from the Hayes Hill Titling Advisory Committee. Contact Bob Tabor, Chair of the Hayes Hill Titling Advisory Committee with questions on this process​.​
Hiring Resources