​University Handbook

The University Handbook contains the essential policies, procedures and general information which affect faculty and academic staff employment at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The contents include a wide range of topics dealing with UWSP and the University of Wisconsin System operations.

The Handbook is designed to provide a logical sequence of topics that makes the volume easy to use. The first chapter provides brief background on the University of Wisconsin System, a more detailed introduction to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and information on institutional governance at UWSP. Succeeding chapters deal with departments and units, recruitment, personnel policies and procedures, polices pertaining to classroom activities, University awards, curricular and program proposals, staff benefits, and other policies.

The Handbook is available in PDF format. Full text keyword searching of each section of the Handbook is available via the find option in Adobe Acrobat Reader. In Acrobat Reader, select the find icon from the tool bar...In Acrobat Reader, select the find icon from the tool bar...search...and enter your search terms.

You may also use the Table of Contents and the Bookmarks in Adobe Reader to navigate each section of the Handbook. Click on the Bookmarks Tab, and/or select a page number or heading from the Table of Contents to go to the desired section:


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