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Club Wisconsin


Sundays 12PM - 3PM

DJ Amber Readel



When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all. 90FM's Club Wisconsin highlights the best music our dairy state has to offer. Let your host, Amber, introduce you to bands around the state with a sound as unique as Wisconsin's cows in the spring. She'll fill you in on the local concert scene, have live in-studio performances with interviews, and give away tickets that will help fill up your Friday nights. Tune in to Club Wisconsin every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm on your only alternative, 90FM.


Would you like to be featured in the local concert update?! Contact Amber at clubwisconsin90fm@gmail.com​


 Local Concert Update

< April, 2015 >
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  Dig Deep
  Joesph Huber
  Burnt Toast & Jam
  The Hushdrops and The Lizardz
  The Naturals
  Fresh Hops, and Mikel Wright & The Wrongs
  Porky's Groove Machine w/ The Rumble Roots (Funk/Jam)
  Outta Hand Band
  David Stoddard, Karen Mal & Laurie McClain
  Consult The Briefcase
  Cadillac Pete & The Heat
  Liz Longley
  Matt Hires w/ special guest Michael Shynes
  John Jorgenson Quintet
  Singer/Songwriters Open Mic Night
  Trivia Kick-Off Party w/Open Mic/Jam
  Fil’s Bar in Stevens Point
  Mutts w/ We the Heathens
  Bob Allen
  Swinging Johnstons
  America’s Party Band
  “420 Bash” w/ the Lizardz (feat. Pink Floyd set)
  Sloppy Joe
  Ross Kliener & The Thrill
  Matthew Mayfield w/spec. guests Keith Pulvermacher & Gina Venier
  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  Bone, Jugs & Harmony
  Karizma w/ Concept
  Brad Emanuel
  Sinner Street
  Maa Vue w/ Lor Pao Chang
  Hot Club of Cowtown
  Dig Deep
  Andrew Ripp w/spec. guest Hope Country
  Doozey w/ Green Screen Kid
  Sly Joe
  David Berkeley w/guest Korby Lenker
  Goldblock w/ Sloslylove
  Sandra Lynn