Fall DJ Schedule

Tune in every day from 2am-6am for Late Night tunes all night long for constantly changing custom playlists for the night owls created by our very own DJ's!


​5am-9am New Age Sampler with Misha
​9am-12pm ​Acoustic Revival with Pat Sullivan & Jim Canales
​12pm-3pm Club Wisconsin with Amber Readel
​3pm-6pm Heavy Rotation with Dan the Waterman
​6pm-9pm Then and Now with Wayne Edwards
​9pm-12am Metal Thunder with Todd Jaymz & Scotty D
​12am-2am Dreamscape with DJ Coltron
​2am-6am ​Late Night


​6am-8am ​General Programming with Andrew Ludwig
​General Programming with Cole Massie
​10am-12pm ​General Programming with Katy Hale
​12pm-3pm ​General Programming with Max Parks
General Programming with DJ Nicolette
​6pm-7pm Public Affairs
​6pm-10pm Jazzsides with Russ Haines
​10pm-2am Alphabet Soup with DJ Jazzy Chef and Animal Cracker
​2am-6am ​Late Night


​6am-8am ​General Programming with Thomas Moberg
​8am-10am ​General Programming with Karli Norton
​10am-12pm ​General Programming with Cailie Kafura
​12-1:30pm ​General Programming with Oscar Noetzel
​1:30-3pm ​General Programming with Isabela Caulkins
​3pm-6:00pm ​General Programming with Christina Luna
​6pm-6:30pm World Window with John Laedtke
​6:30pm-7pm Public Affairs
7pm-10pm Jazzsides with Katie Del Giacco
​10pm-2am ​Psychadelic Revolutions with DJ Young Eggs and Jake the Bear
​2am-6am ​Late Night


​6am-8am ​General Programming with Nate Kirchenwitz
​8am-10am ​General Programming with Dana LaVake
​10am-12pm ​General Programmint with DJ FreeWillie
​12pm-3pm ​General Programming with Graham Prellwitz
​3pm-5pm General Programming with Melissa Haack
​5pm-7pm Public Affairs
​7pm-10pm Jazzsides with Matt Rosner
​10pm-2am Subterranean Radio with Bad Bad Brad
​2am-6am ​Late Night


​6am-8am ​General Programming with Nathan Klink
​8am-10am General Programming with Kyle "Fundad" Pieczynski
​10am-12pm ​General Programming with Evan Yokers
12pm-3pm ​General Programming with Jake Zurawski
3pm-5pm General Programming with Carly Caputa
​5-5:30pm Public Affairs
​5:30pm-7pm Hmong Community News with Andy Siong
​7pm-10pm Jazzsides with Kory Peterson & Nick Verheven
​10pm-2am Soundstreams with John Julka
​2am-6am ​Late Night


​6am-8am ​General Programming with Alex Tweedie
​8am-10am ​General Programming with Kirk Tokarski
​10am-12pm ​General Programming Dacia Giordana
​12pm-3pm ​General Programming with Meg Wise
General Programming with Claire
​5pm-7pm Radiomundo with John Laedtke & Kevin Stern
​7pm-10pm Rub-A-Dub Radio with DJ Eli-JAH
​10pm-2am ​40oz of Hip Hop with Charlie Brown
​2am-6am ​Late  Night


Saturday Morning Live with Don Chesebro
​8am-12pm The Fabulous Saturday Morning Freakshow with Oz & Eck
​12pm-3pm The Jam with John & Laura Louis
​3pm-7pm Blues Café with Papa Joe
​7pm-11pm ​Killer Tracks with the Killer Kurt Malik
​11pm-2am Thea Beat Connection with Gryff Daddy
​Late Night