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The week of September 14th - Week B 

Public Affairs Schedule

 Week A


Monday ​ Tuesday​ Wednesday​ ​Thursday
5-5:30 ​Popcology with Hannah Kampshoer
​6-6:30 ​World Wide Window with Riddhi Gandhi ​Raising the Roof, Shattering the Ceiling with Lo Jenquin and Gigi ​SportsBeat ​5:30-7 Hmong News
​6:30-7 ​SEIO: Get Connected! with Mariah Pfundeller and Morgan Koth ​Protectors of the North with Cailie Kafura ​SportsBeat ​Hmong News



Week B

​Monday Tuesday​ Wednesday​ Thursday​
5-5:30​ ​Popcology with Hannah Kampshoer
​6-6:30 ​SPARC Spotlight with Andy Felt ​The Tuning Fork with Kelly Adlington ​SportsBeat ​5:30-7 Homng News
6:30-7 ​SEIO: Get Connected! with Mariah Pfundheller and Morgan Koth ​The Tuning Fork with Kelly Adlington ​SportsBeat ​Homng News



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