WIST creates sus​t​ainability solutions
and economic opportunities​​​​

The institute connects UW-Stevens Point to business and industry and provides research, laboratory services, and education. Our research includes biofuels, renewably sourced chemicals from biomass, and value-added uses of agricultural and forestry residuals from processing. Laboratory services include paper testing, paper grade development, compostability, and other analyses such as ion chromatography for carbohydrates, organic acids and alcohols. WIST educational offerings include papermaking courses, topics in sustainability, and our annual Focal Point conference.

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 Upcoming Events

<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>10-08-2014</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>Bioforward Vision Summit: Growth by Association</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClassF9422DA781B44E98B01A572571E5D41A"><p>​Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin. Join BioForward for a day of Growth by Association!  Hear panels that tackle the topics impacting your industry. Visit potential partners and businesses that can help your business thrive in the exhibit hall.</p></div></div></DIV>
<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>10-14-2014</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>Focal Point 2014: Packaging at the Leading Edge</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClassFB8756CE521B4D7FBCA8E79CDD257465"><p>​Focal Point 2014: Packaging at the Leading Edge will target the latest challenges and solutions in packaging and converting right across the value chain. Keynote speaker Craig Culver, co-founder and CEO of Culver's, will discuss sustainability and packaging initiatives at Culver's. Industry experts will discuss sustainable sourcing of feedstocks, developments in specialty packaging materials, and end-of-life management challenges and choices. The conference provides networking opportunities throughout the day.</p></div></div></DIV>


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