Paper Testing and R&D Services

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Count on WIST staff and the UW-Stevens Point pilot paper machine for:

  • raw material and/or chemical additive studies
  • equipment evaluation
  • grade development
  • production runs
This Fourdrinier machine has a 20-inch web, runs at speeds up to 200 fpm, and produces a sheet in basis weight from 15 to 400 gsm. Chemicals can be metered in at seven locations in the approach flow system; the pre-fan pump port is a co-mix port that can meter in two chemicals. The wet end includes a dandy roll, single-felted two-nip press and a smoothing press. The dry end features two independent dryer sections, a horizontal size press and calender stack. The stock preparation area features a hydropulper, two-stage cleaner system, slotted pressure screen and automated temperature control. In short, this machine is ready for your project needs.  

To inquire about paper making, physical testing services, pulping and bleaching, recyclability and repulpability, coating and laminating services for your operation, contact either:

Lindsey Hoffman, Laboratory and Papermaking Project Specialist

Brian Bandow, Paper Machine and Laboratory Specialist

Learn more about the machine and its capabilities in this short video. You can also read about the machine and view photos in this brochure (PDF).

Pulping and Bleaching

WIST performs trials for wood and non-wood biomass, including food-processing byproducts and agricultural residual materials.

Benchtop equipment is sized 50-360 grams dry product weight; tank volume pulping and bleaching tests are completed in 5-liter, 10-liter and 100-liter vessels. WIST's quantum mixer allows bleaching experiments with chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

Paper Testing Services

Paper Testing Services
WIST testing facilities consist of a wet laboratory and a 1,150-square foot conditioned lab. Instrument calibration is monitored by participation in the TAPPI collaborative testing program and our own internal quality assurance program. Our experienced staff realizes the importance of providing fast and accurate results. All samples and test data are strictly confidential. Contact us for pricing and availability.
WIST has formalized its partnership with IPS Testing of Appleton to offer an even broader array of testing services.
Paper test and test number
  • Basis Weight (T 410)
  • Brightness (T 452, T 525, T 571)
  • Brookfield Viscosity Bulk/Density (T220)
  • Burst (T 403)
  • Caliper (T411)
  • Consistency (T240)
  • Fiber Length Distribution: MorFi
  • Freeness: Canadian Standard (T 227)
  • Gloss (T480)
  • Gurley Porosity (T460)
  • Handsheet Preparation (T 205)
  • Internal Bond (T833)
  • Kappa Number (T 236)
  • Opacity (T 425, T 519)
  • PFI Mill: 5 pt. curve including freeness, handsheets and standard testing (T248)
  • Pulp Viscosity (T230)
  • Sheffield Smoothness (T538)
  • Stiffness: Gurley (T543)
  • Stiffness: Taber (T 489)
  • Tear (T414)
  • Tensile: stretch, TEA, modulus (T494)
  • Valley Beater (T200)
  • Valley Flat Screen (T278)
  • Zero-Span Tensile (T231)