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Fisheries and Water Resources

Paul McGinleyPaul McGinley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Contact Information
Phone: (715) 346-4501
Fax: (715) 346-3624
Office: TNR 224F


Paul McGinley is an associate professor and University of Wisconsin-Extension Water Quality Specialist. His teaching and research emphasizes understanding and improving the water quality in lakes, streams and drinking water. Specific applications include lake management, impacts of land use change, water treatment, stormwater management, and the fate and transport of aquatic pollutants.

  • Ph.D. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Environmental Engineering

  • M.S. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Water Chemistry

  • B.S. University of Wisconsin, Madison. Soil Science, 1980; Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professional Society Involvement

  • American Water Works Association (AWWA)

  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASAE)

  • Registered Professional Engineer (WI)

Courses Taught
  • Introduction to Soil and Water Resources (NR251)

  • Water Quality Management (WATR 382)

  • Urban Hydrologic Planning and Design (WATR 452)

  • Water Chemistry and Analysis (WATR 480)

  • Using the P8 Urban Catchment Model (Continuing Education)

Publications and Presentations

McGinley, P.M., A.T. Freihoefer and R.S. Mentz.  2012.  Runoff curve numbers at the agricultural field-scale and implications for continuous simulation modeling.  Submitted.

Timm, A.A. and P.M. McGinley. 2012.  Combined watershed and stream model for stream phosphorus concentrations.  Published abstract and poster presented at the American Water Resources Association-Wisconsin Section meeting in the Wisconsin Dells, WI, March 2012.
Waack, M., R. Stephens and P. McGinley.  2012.  Gadolinium as a wastewater tracer.  Published abstract and poster presented at the American Water Resources Association-Wisconsin Section meeting in the Wisconsin Dells, WI, March 2012.
Mentz, R.S., P.M. McGinley, M.R. Penn, and D.L. Busch.  2011.  Snowmelt Export of Phosphorus from Cropland: Edge-of-Field Runoff Monitoring Results from Pioneer Farm in Southwest Wisconsin.  Published abstract and poster presented at the American Water Resources Association – Wisconsin Section meeting in Appleton, WI March 2011.
Superior Wetlands Oversight Group (P. McGinley, ed.).  2011.  Evaluating the Importance of Wetlands in Flood Attenuation: A Review and Case Study.  A report prepared for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 33 pp.
Jereczek J. and P. McGinley.  2011 Developing a Wetland Flood Attenuation Tool.  Published abstract and presentation at the 2011 Wisconsin Wetland Conference in Wisconsin Dells, February, 2011.
McGinley, P.M.  2011.  Introduction to TMDLs and Phosphorus and Models.  Presented at the 2011 Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society, Stevens Point, WI.
P. McGinley and D. Busch.  2010.  Combining field and watershed monitoring to improve models of nutrient loss from agricultural management.  Poster presented at the 18th National Nonpoint Source Monitoring Workshop Nov 16-18, Milwaukee, WI.
Freihoefer, A.T. and P. M. McGinley, 2009. Event based hydrologic calibration of field-scale watersheds in southwestern Wisconsin using the SWAT model. Presented at the 2009 International SWAT Conference, Boulder CO.
McGinley, P.M. 2008. A Shoreland Quality Estimator for Evaluating Riparian Development on Lakes. Report and computer simulation tool prepared for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
McGinley, P.M. 2008. Modeling the influence of land use on groundwater chloride loading to lakes. Lake and Reservoir Management 24:112-121.
McGinley, P.M. and K.M. Foster. 2008. The Effectiveness of pervious areas for infiltration runoff from impervious areas. Presented at the North American Lakes Management Society Annual Meeting, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.
Hoverson, D. and P. McGinley. 2007. Boating Impacts on Water Clarity in Clark Lake, Wisconsin. Presented at the North American Lake Management Society Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.
Freihoefer, A. and P. McGinley, 2006. Improving SWAT Model Calibration for Phosphorus Export with Field-Scale Monitoring. Presented at the American Water Resources Association Annual Meeting, Baltimore, November 6-9, 2006.
McGinley, P.M. 2005. Hold the salt? The impact of de-icing and other chloride-containing compounds on lakes. Lake Tides Winter, 2006, 31(1):4-5.
McGinley, P. and R. Stephens. 2004. Exploring groundwater phosphorus concentrations through private water supply testing. American Water Resources Association Wisconsin Chapter Annual Meeting, March 2004.
McGinley, P.M. 2003. A 10,000 year relationship-- the lakes and land, how are they getting along? Lake Tides 29(1):9-11.
McGinley, P.M., L.E.Katz, W.J. Weber, Jr. Competitive Sorption and Displacement of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants in Saturated Subsurface Soil Systems, Water Resources Research 32:3571-3577, 1996.
McGinley, P.M., L.E. Katz, and W.J. Weber, Jr. A Distributed Reactivity Model for Sorption by Soils and Sediments: II. Competitive Sorption of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds. Environmental Science & Technology, 27:1524-1531, 1993.
Weber, W.J., Jr., P.M McGinley, L.E. Katz. Sorption Phenomena in Subsurface Systems: Concepts, Models and Effects on Contaminant Fate and Transport, Water Research, 25:499-528, 1991.
Recent Research Interests and Projects
  • Transfer of Nutrients from Land to Water
  • Wetland Flood Attenuation
  • Monitoring Techniques for Contaminant Transport
  • Contaminant Removal from Water and Wastewater
  • National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation: Mass Spectrometry Facility for Research, Education and Outreach on Drinking and Groundwater Quality
  • Modeling Nutrients in Lakes and Streams with Applications for Communication and Management
Hiking, fishing and camping