Becoming a Writing Lab Consultant

Undergraduates who join the Tutoring-Learning Center’s Writing-Reading junior staff are recruited from all disciplines and must be recommended by a faculty member. TLC Writing Lab Consultants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA at the time of recruitment, successfully complete an interview, and submit a writing sample. After acceptance to the program, new staff members must begin the Certification Program by enrolling in Education 370w/570w – Practicum in Tutoring University Reading and Writing.

Steps Toward Becoming a Writing Lab Consultant

  1. Teaching faculty or staff refer students they believe would be good consultants. Coordinators of other TLC programs and current TLC consultants may also recommend students.
  2. The Writing Lab Coordinator screens all the referred students to be sure the prospect meets minimal GPA and writing requirements.
  3. The Writing Lab Coordinator invites eligible students to interview.
  4. The recruiter interviews each student, and if all looks well, gives the prospect application materials. The application materials include the application form, which asks the student to list three references and to provide a statement of reasons for an interest in tutoring. With the application form, the student also submits two writing samples.
  5. The recruiter reviews the completed applications and gives qualified candidates Permission to Register.
  6. The tutoring candidate registers for Education 370 and is welcomed into Practicum.

Writing Lab Certificate Program

Requirements for Proficiency Certificate

  • Successful completion of Education 370w/570w - Practicum in Tutoring University Reading and Writing (45 classroom hours)
  • Completion of 42 hours of participation in writing center activities and consultations, which must include 12 hours as teaching assistant for English 157/257/357 - Independent Writing
  • Complete an article on theory or practice in tutoring post-secondary writers/readers published in the Practicum publication in hard copy and on the Internet.

Requirements for Master Consultant Certificate

  • Hold Proficiency Certificate
  • Complete a minimum of 100 sessions or 50 sessions and one of the following options: two semesters as discussion leader for Reading in the Disciplines; one semester as an Honors Intern or Writing Fellow.
  • Complete a minimum of one presentation or project relating to the TLC and/or consultation services.