Study Group

Tutoring in Math & Science

  •   Accounting, Economics
  •   Biology, Chemistry, Foresty, Natural Resources
  •   Geography, Geology
  •   Math, Physics
  • Deepen understanding of course material
  • Practice problems with the guidance of a peer tutor
  • Develop necessary study and test-taking skills

Tutors are outstanding undergraduate students recommended by UWSP faculty. Tutors have received top grades in courses they tutor and bring experience, expertise and enthusiasm to group discussions and one-on-one tutoring.


One-on-One Tutoring​ Group Tutoring​     Study Tables​
45-minute sessions​ 50-minute sessions​ Flexible Duration​
Weekly Attendance Required
(Minimum of 5 Sessions)

Attendance Flexible​

Attendance Flexible​

Free for:
American multicultural students
Students on the low income list
Non-Traditional Students
Others: $9.00 per session.
FREE for all students! FREE for all students!​
Closed Finals Week​ Closed Finals Week​ Closed Finals Week​
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