Suzuki Programs at UWSP


Baby Playing MusicKid with ASI flagUWSP boasts one of the oldest, most comprehensive, and most highly regarded Suzuki music education programs in the world. Through its year round program, The Aber Suzuki Center (ASC), its two-­‐week summer program, The American Suzuki Institute (ASI), and the International Research Symposium on Talent Education, UWSP offers the highest quality Suzuki music education for all learners. Both ASC and ASI offer programs for students from birth through adulthood, parents, and teachers.


The mission of the UWSP Suzuki programs is to teach using the philosophical principles and music education methods developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and to nurture, motivate and inspire students, parents and teachers to incorporate these principles into their lives. At the heart of the Suzuki Philosophy is the idea that everyone has talent and can become a successful, sensitive, and caring person through the study of music in the Suzuki method. The method teaches music in the same way that people learn to speak their native language; through listening, imitation, and repetition in a positive, nurturing learning environment. The emphasis is on musical and personal growth through individual and group instruction which develop technique, musicianship, and kind hearts. 

Student Testimonials


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