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The American Suzuki Institute provides the opportunity for students, parents and teachers to further their understanding of the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. The concentrated form of the student classes stimulate and motivate while reinforcing the skills developed in the normal course of study at home. The Institute allows parents to see the success of the Suzuki approach on a grand scale and to enhance the skills they need to help their children learn.  Unique to ASI is the extensive Lecture Series on topics sure to enhance your success as a home teacher.  

Short Term Teacher Development classes are for those who wish to begin or continue their study of Suzuki method philosophy and pedagogy.
In addition to teaching, the ASI faculty shares its expertise in the extensive ASI Lecture Series, which include a wide range of topics of interest to parents and teachers alike.
The ASI Concert and Recital Series presents faculty, students, and guest artists in a variety of solo and group performances. With more than 50 concerts in a two-week period all instruments and all levels are represented. The traditional Talent Show adds a spark of creativity, humor and relaxation to the Institute.
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  • Non-musical acts are welcome.
  • Specific audition information will be included in your registration packet.
  • Acts should be appropriate for a general audience.
  • Auditions are required and will take place on Tuesday. 
  • All are welcome to audition – students, parents, teacher trainees, and faculty. 
  • Talent show will be held on Thursday evening during the first session and Wednesday evening during the second session. 
  • This is a great way for students, parents, and teachers to relax, unwind, and have some fun.



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Concert & Recital Series

  • Solo Recitals
    • Solo recitals showcase students of all levels who come to Institute with their polished piece exceptionally well prepared.
    • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 4 p.m.
    • Your master class (A Class) teacher must recommend you for a Solo Recital.
    • You will be notified at your first class the day of the recital if you have been recommended. everyone is invited to come and listen – for freeI
  • Informal Recitals 
    • Your master class (A Class) teacher will invite students to participate in the informal recital, and he/she will assist you in completing the recital form. 
    • Recital forms are due in the office by 6pm on Tuesday. 
    • Programs will be posted by 1 pm the day of the recital and will inform you of the time and location of your recital. 
    • Informal recitals are held on Thursday evening during week one, and Wednesday evening during week two. 
    • Everyone is welcome to attend.
  • Chamber Music Recital 
    • Thursday evening during week two only. 
    • Advanced students enrolled in the two-week Chamber Music Program will perform the chamber pieces they have learned and prepared over their two weeks at ASI. 
    • Everyone is welcome to attend the concert.
  • Festival Concerts
    • Festival concerts are large group performances.
    • All students participate in the festival concert for their instrument area.
    • Daily repertoire classes prepare students for the festival concerts.
    • ASI alumni and teacher trainees are invited to participate in the festival concert for their instrument.
    • Check out the Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano, Harp, and Voice repertoire list to know what to prepare.
    • Held throughout the day on Friday. 
    • Recommended attire is “Sunday best”. (No mini-skirts please.) 
    • Piano students must complete their festival concert form and turn it in to their master class (A class) teacher on Monday. 
    • Orchestra classes will perform a mini-concert during the last 15 minutes of their scheduled class period.
  •  Faculty Recital
    • On Tuesday each week ASI faculty will present a recital.
    • This free performance allows students, parents, teachers, and the public to hear the ASI faculty perform. Come listen to the faculty you are working with every day, and be inspired!  
  • Guest Artist Recital      
    • On Monday each week ASI invites one or more guest artists to perform a recital.
    • These artists are usually ASI alumni, teachers, or teacher trainers that have built extensive performing careers, often holding positions with major symphonies around the country, and performing as soloists or chamber musicians frequently. This is one recital you won’t want to miss. To find out more about our guests artists this year, check out the What’s New page.-close-      


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