​​​Summer Options 2017

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Oaxaca Pointers.jpg 

Oaxaca!  Spanish Language 


Wisc Nicaragua 1.jpg 

Education & Service in Nicaragua



Art & Design in Ireland  and Scotland 




History and Culture in Thailand

 London Theatre 1.jpg

Theatre in London


Japan kids.jpg

Teaching English in Japan 


Short-term programs vary in length from three to ten weeks and carry from 3 to 9 credits. Most are specific to particular majors or minors, i.e. Music, Communication, Natural Resources, English, Psychology, etc., but many are open to students with a general interest in the subject area(s).​ ​

 Couldn't find what you wanted?

The Office of International Education can help you find credit-bearing alternatives for students interested in short term or longer programs through other institutions. A good place to start is by visiting the UW-Sytem Study Abroad website.