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      Destinations! Spain

Valladolid1.jpg​Spring Semester



 Januar​y 2 - May 16


Since 1977 the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point International Programs has provided uncommon travel/study programs to Spain to those who aspire to an education beyond the bounds of the classroom or campus; th​e Spring Semester in Spain offers Spanish language majors and minors the opportunity to experience Europe, Spain, and especially Valladolid and Madrid.

Application Deadline: April 1, of the prior academic year for guaranteed consideration though we highly recommend you apply one year in advance. Late applications are often taken. Please check with the International Programs Office for available positions.

Go to the Applications ​page to find out how to get an application.


Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors from all disciplines; a cumulative 2.5 GPA; and a minimum of Spanish 212 (four college semesters) or its equivalent is required.


Cost Includes:

  • 19 Week Academic Program
  • 18 UWSP Wisconsin resident credits
  • Coach transfer to Valladolid from Madrid
  • Entry tour features Madrid’s historical and cultural sites.
  • Room and board in a family setting
  • UWSP tuition for Wisconsin residents (Minnesota students qualify for reciprocity, surcharge for other out-of-staters – ONLY $1,000).
  • Sponsored study tours; may include, Avila, Burgos, Salamanca, Segovia, Peñafiel, etc
  • Transport to Valladolid
  • Travel/health insurance

Plan your budget to cover airfare*, passport, and personal expenses (especially during the two week personal break)

* For information on how to book an airline ticket, please click here.

Click here for latest price estimates


Chicago to Madrid. Return from Madrid. The Spanish capital Madrid, will welcome you for a four day program which will include visits to the Prado, the Palacio Real, the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art and a day-outing to incomparable Toledo; massive medieval hill town of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. There will be scheduled time for your personal travel and exploration for two weeks during the semester.

Check out the city of Valladolid here!​

Academic Program

The academic program of studies through the Universidad Valladolid includes:

  • Lengua/Gramátíca Española
  • Literatura Española
  • Cultura y Civilización
  • Comentario de Textos
  • Historia/Geografia de España
  • Práctica Español
  • Trabajo Monográfico

Classes are taught in Spanish but “tempered” for foreign students.

Note: Student must complete the entire semester in order to receive credit. No partial credit granted for early return from Spain!

You will be given a placement exam upon arrival. Regardless of the results, you will receive credit for the next sequential language course in which you would have enrolled at UWSP. Instructional staff at the Universidad de Valladolid may not advise you on matters having to do with registration and credits earned. All such matters are exclusively handled by the Department of Foreign Languages at UWSP.

UW-Stevens Point Spanish faculty member, or an apointee, will accompany the group to Valladolid.


In the spring of 2014 our Over Overseas Program Assistant in Spain compiled a Survival Guide  for future travelers.  We think you'll find it very useful.  Of course things can, and do, change, but this is an excellent place for you to continue your orientation. (Coming Soon.)

Sample Core Class List

One language course depending on language level placement test given at the University of Valladolid:

  • Advanced placement:
    SPANISH 345 - Advanced Conversation & Composition
    3 credits, Prerequisite: 314
  • Intermediate placement:
    SPANISH 314 - Intermediate Spanish Composition
    3 credits

SPANISH 340 - Introduction to Literature
3 credits, GDR: HU2
Intensive reading, methods of literary analysis of various genres; introduction to fundamental techniques of literary criticism.

SPANISH 481 - Spanish Culture and Civilization
3 credits, GDR: HU4

SPANISH 499 - Contemporary Spanish History
3 credits

SPANISH 499 - Conferencia (language practicum)
3 credits

FOREIGN LANGUAGE 399 - Monográfica *
2 credits
Supervised special work in areas of major; i.e. Art History, Economics. Student will complete research paper in academic subject area of their major/minor.
* Does not count towards the Spanish major.

Students must complete the entire semester in Spain in order to receive credit. No partial credit granted!


Up to ten weeks before the start of the program, all fees except the initial $250 deposit will be refunded. After that time, tuition, airline, tour costs and housing charges are assessed. If the program would be cancelled, all fees will be refunded. Because exchange rates and airline prices fluctuate, International Programs reserves the right to cancel, surcharge, or to alter the program.

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