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Study Abroad

Destinations: Krakow, Poland

Fall Semester - approx. 15 September to 20 December100_1542.JPG

Since 1975 the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has provided extraordinary study/travel programs in East-Central Europe for those who seek an enriched and enhanced education beyond the bounds of the classroom or campus. This program begins with an exceptional study tour of Poland to include cities such as Warsaw, Gdansk, Malbork, Torun, etc. After the study-tour the group will settle down in Krakow.  There, the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364, the oldest University in Poland and the second oldest north of the Alps, will be your host.  Offered is the unique opportunity not only to study Polish language, culture and society in Krakow but also to experience over a thousand years of history, magnificent architecture and art.


Priority Deadline: 1 December of the prior year - though late applications are often accepted. Please check with the International Programs Office for availability.


Go to the Applications page to find out how to get an application.




Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and special students from all academic disciplines with maturity, motivation, and preparation. Knowledge of foreign languages is not required. Attendance at orientation meetings is strongly recommended.


Click here for latest price estimates based on a group of 15 students.

Cost Includes:

  • 13 week total academic program -- 12 weeks in residence in Krakow.
  • Entry tour to Warsaw and Gdansk (Baltic Sea). Includes all lodgings, board, lectures and some museum entrance fees.
  • Air travel, Chicago-Warsaw and return from Warsaw or Krakow (arrangements can be made to depart from other major airports).
  • Room and Board throughout the semester.
  • UWSP tuition for Wisconsin Residents; Minnesota students qualify for reciprocity, surcharge for other out-of-staters is $1000.
  • Study tours within Poland during the semester may include: Zakopane and the Carpathian Mountains, Malbork Castle,  Eastern Poland, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, the Wieliczka Salt Mines.
  • UW-System mandatory health insurance.
Plan your budget to cover passport, personal expenses and a week-long break period.

Scholarship Opportunity for undergraduates: Click here.


Sample Core Class List

Required of All Participants: 14 credits

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 300 - Gdansk and Warsaw Study Tour. 1 credit.
Held during first week in country. Letter grade based on attendance at ALL scheduled lectures, field trips and written assignments.

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 381 - Polish Culture and Civilization 3 credits. UWSP GEP: HU; GDR: HU4
Survey of Poland's cultural development, including an examination of contemporary society, Polish musical traditions, religion, education, and literature. This course is usually taught by a combination of instructors and lecturers. 

And a Polish language course*:

POLISH 101: First Year Polish
4 credits, GDR: FL BA BM/BFA
-For students with no prior Polish language training.

POLISH 211 - Second Year Polish Language
4 credits, Prerequisite: 102 or equivalent

*If your language skills are beyond Polish 211, contact us for appropriate placement and course information.

Plus six credits from the following: 

ART 397 - Art History in International Programs: Poland 3 credits, GEP: ART, GA, XL; GDR: HU1.
An outline of the history of Polish art, covering architecture, sculpture and painting. Lectures and site visits, usu. including Wawel Royal Castle, Old Town, museums, churches, etc.


History 396 - Regional History through Study Abroad: Poland and its Neighbors in Modern Europe. 3 credits, GEP: HU; GDR: HU4.
An introduction to Poland's modern history from the downfall of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the end of the 18th century, to the re-emergence of an independent Poland following World War I, to Poland's tragic role during World War II, to the establishment of Communist rule, and finishing with the collapse of the Communist system in 1989.


POLITICAL SCIENCE 362 - East European Politics 3 credits, GEP: GA, SS; GDR: SS1, NW.
Political structures, processes, and institutions of Central and East Europe. Emphasis on the politics of transition and challenges to democratization. Includes field trip to Warsaw with a visit to Parliament.


INDEPENDENT STUDY 1-3 credits.  See the International Programs Director or Associate Director for approval and procedural details. Independent Study credits are taken in addition to the 14 credits of required courses on-site (core 8 credits plus six credits of the electives listed above).


Please read our Refund Policy for details on withdrawal dates!

Special Offers

A second semester option based in Szeged, Hungary will also be available. See UWSP International Programs Staff for details and click here for latest price estimates.