Study Abroad

 Destinations! London, England  

Fall or Spring Semester 

FALL: September 1 - December 15
SPRING: January 1 - April 15


“To be tired of London is to be tired of life.” — Ben Johnson  

 The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point provides extraordinary study programs to those wishing an education beyond the bounds of the classroom or campus.  Since 1969 both the Spring and the Fall Britain programs have allowed students to experience Britain, and especially London. This is your chance to become a university student in London. here is no better way to bolster your résumé.  

Application Deadline:  For guaranteed consideration, December 1 for the next year's fall semester and April 1 for the next year's spring semester.  BUT we sometimes have open spots for upcoming semesters! Late applications can sometimes be accommodated. Please check with the International Programs Office for available positions.


Go to the Applications page to find out how to get an application. 


Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors from all disciplines with academic focus, maturity, motivation, and an international perspective.  A cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 is required.  

Cost Includes: 

  • 14-15 Week Academic Program.
  • Room in central London: International Student House: ISH.
  • UWSP tuition for Wisconsin Residents (Minnesota students qualify for reciprocity, surcharge for other out-of-staters pay ONLY $1,000).
  • UW-System Mandatory Health/Travel Insurance.
  • Plan your budget to cover: airfare*, passport, meals, personal expenses and fees for classes such as Drama. 

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Classes are held on the University of London Birkbeck campus in the very heart of London.  Classes are taught by University of London faculty.



Sample Core Class List


These classes have all been assigned UWSP course numbers below.  



The list below gives you the UWSP course numbers for the classes that you can take in London.
UW-Stevens Point Course Number and Title
U of L Birkbeck Course Title
ART 397 – Art History in International                  Three cr.
Programs.  Subt.: Modern Art in London    GDR: HU1 / GEP: ART, GA, XL
Aspects of Modern Art
in London
ART 397 – Art History in International                  Three cr.
Programs.  Subt.: British Art and Architecture in
London                                                        GDR: HU1 / GEP: ART, GA, XL
British Art and Architecture in London
BUS 327 – Managing Global Organizations.        Three cr.
                           PREREQ.: BUS 320 OR 325
International Business
BUS 339 – International Marketing.                       Three cr.                     
                  PREREQ.:  BUS 330            
Globalisation and Regionalisation
BUS 490 – Special Topics in Business                 Three cr.              Administration.  Subt.: Environmental
Management and Business
Environmental Management and Business
BUS 490 – Special Topics in Business                 Three cr.  Administration.   Subt.: Sports Management
Sports Business Management
COMM 362 – Topics in Film History.                     Three cr.
Subt.: British and European Cinema               GDR:HU1 / GEP: ART
British and
European Cinema
COMM 359 – Topics in Broadcasting.                   Three cr.
Subt.: Media Forms and Institutions in Britain
Media Forms and
Institutions in Britain
ENGL 311 – English Novel (British).                      Three cr.
                                                                        GDR: HU2 / GEP:  HU
The Twentieth-Century British Novel
ENGL 334 – Shakespeare.                                      Three cr. 
Tragedies and Later Plays.                             GDR: HU2 / GEP:  HU
Shakespeare in London
ENGL 383 – Themes in Literature.                         Three cr.
Subt.: London in Literature, 1837-1984           GEP: HU
London in Literature,
HIST 396 – Regional History through                    Three cr.
Study Abroad.  Subt.: Modern London           GDR: HU4 / GEP: HU
London: The Growth of a Modern World City
HIST 396 – Regional History through                    Three cr.
Study Abroad.  Subt.: Britain since 1945       GDR: HU4 / GEP: HU
Modern British Society since 1945
PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy.                Three cr.
                                                                        GDR: HU3 / GEP: HU
POLI 361 – West European Politics.                      Three cr.
                                                                         GDR: SS1 / GEP: SS
Modern British Politics
PSYC 320 – Social Psychology.                             Three cr.
                     PREREQ.: PSYC 110                 GDR: SS1 / GEP: SS
Social Psychology
THEA 329 – Theatre as a Popular Art.                   Three cr.
                                                                         GDR:HU1 / GEP: ART
Modern Theatre and
the London Stage